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To synchronize my setting over all my computers I'm using this git repository and a dotfiles management tool.

  • clone my own dotfiles from this repository into '$HOME/dotfiles'.
  • copy the '$HOME/dotfiles/.dotfilesrc' file to the '$HOME/'
  • clone dotfiles management tool into '$HOME/dotfiles/.bin/dotfiles'
  • reset head revision of the dotfiles management tool to 83c8d55
  • execute '$HOME/dotfiles/.bin/dotfiles/bin/dotfiles -s'.
  • create a 'bin' symlink in my home directory 'ln -s .bin bin'. Where '.bin/' is a symlink created by the dotfiles manager and it points to the '$HOME/dotfiles/.bin'

Dotfiles management tool I'm using can be cloned from the jbernard's github:

    $ git clone
    $ cd dotfiles
    $ ./dotfiles --help

Resetting dotfiles management tool git revision to 83c8d55

The tinfoil hatter who has developed the tool has added more python lib dependencies which I don't want. So I just hard reset the HEAD of his git repo:

$ git clone
$ git checkout 83c8d55
$ git reset --hard

Installing Vim plugins

To install all needed vim plugins:

$ bin/