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With DayHopper, you can create your own customized, ordered plan for your day. Once your plan is created, you can review it and modify it afterwards as well. We have already added a number of recommended things to see, eat, and do in San Francisco if you need suggestions!

Team members and roles

Hassan Jannah - Initialized the layout and CSS. Wrote a lot of the scripts. Dan Tsai - Did a bunch of scripting and API work, and also HTML/CSS Ryan Baker - Added code for list item manipulation and rearrangement, and added several CSS refinements Shaun Giudici - JavaScript for creating a new list, CSS refinements

Technologies used

jQuery, HTML, CSS, Delicious API

Link to demo version

Known bugs

  • it is possible to submit an empty trail name or link (need validation code).
  • After creating new trail and adding items, 'trail' meta tags are mistakenly displayed until the page is refreshed.
  • When a new link is added with both "see" and "do" tags, it only shows up in one of the recommended lists (not both).


DayHopper - an interactive day planner that lets you sort, order, and explore things to do - based on the Delicious API and inspired by the Memex



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