Python library for controlling and utilizing FLUX Delta
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FLUXClient is all you needed to do cool projects and develop new features with your FLUX Delta. It provides APIs to control your machine in every possible way. It's written mainly in Python with some C++ extensions powered by Cython.

Official site:
Official forum:
Official documentation:


  • API for controlling your FLUX Delta.

  • Built-in commands:

    • gcode <-> fcode converter
    • delta discover
    • delta's authorization settings
  • Flux Studio's backend service:

    • printing with CuraEngine or Slic3r
    • svg file parser
    • laser fcode generate from bitmap or svg file
    • pen drawing fcode generate from svg file
    • scanning


Mac OS X

  • Install python 3.4+ and pip

  • Pillow: pip install Pillow

  • Numpy: pip install numpy

  • Scipy: pip install scipy

  • Setuputils: pip install setuputils

  • pcl(optional): brew install pcl --without-apps --without-qt

  • Compile and install FLUXClient:

git clone  
cd fluxclient
python3 install


  • Install Visual Studio 2015 Community ( Select only VC++ and Python Tools )

  • Install Anaconda ( Special edition of Python 3.5 ) from here

  • Install Precompiled PCL 1.7.2 for Win64 for MSVC 2015 from here

  • Install Github Desktop ( or git for windows )

  • Pillow: pip install pillow

  • Numpy: pip install numpy

  • Pycrypto: pip install pycrypto

  • Cython: pip install Cython

  • Compile and install FLUXClient:

git clone  
cd fluxclient
python3 install

Quick Start

Utility programs

$ flux_discover
Description: Discover FLUX 3D Printer in the LAN.

$ flux_upnp "device uuid"|"ip address"
Description: Fast manage device name, password, access control and network settings.

$ flux_robot "device uuid"|"ip address"
Description: Control flux device.

$ flux_camera "device uuid"|"ip address"
Description: Grab photo from device camera

$ flux_g2f -i input.gcode output.fc
Description: convert gcode to fcode

$ flux_f2g -i input.fc output.gcode
Description: convert fcode to gcode

SDK: Check this guide for a quick start

from import Delta 

# connect to machine
my_delta = Delta.connect_delta(ip='', password='flux', kick=True)

# home

# move the tool head to position:(0, 0, 80)
my_delta.move(0, 0, 80)

# turn on the left side laser(red laser)
my_delta.turn_laser('L', True)

# disconnect with delta


sudo python3 build_sphinx
open ./build/sphinx/html/index.html


You can ask questions and discuss with our developers on FLUX Official Forum. Issues are being tracked here on GitHub


fluxclient's code in this repo uses the AGPLv3 license, see our LICENSE file.