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FluxBB is a fast, light, user-friendly forum application for your website.
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addons Rename antispam functionality to "addons".
cache Fixing file permissions. #101
img #966 Optimize images in default styles and img
include Update version number to 1.5.8.
lang Fix alerts section heading.
plugins Removing the example plugin from distribution.
style #1008: Implement styling for alerts.
.gitattributes Adding .gitattributes to make git archive ignore .gitignore file.
.gitignore .gitignore : .idea
COPYING Initial import based on revision 1613 of PunBB.
admin_bans.php Escape output of emails in admin panel.
admin_categories.php #934: Remove obsolete cellspacing attribute
admin_censoring.php #934: Remove obsolete cellspacing attribute
admin_forums.php #57: Redirect to edit mode after adding a new forum
admin_groups.php #936: Add admin management for moderator setting to allow promoting u…
admin_index.php Fix alerts section heading.
admin_loader.php #919: Use proper language variable. Thanks, Visman.
admin_maintenance.php #934: Remove obsolete cellspacing attribute
admin_options.php Merge branch 'master' into 1.5-next
admin_permissions.php #934: Remove obsolete cellspacing attribute
admin_reports.php #934: Remove obsolete cellspacing attribute
admin_statistics.php #666: Removed extraneous code
admin_users.php #934: Remove obsolete cellspacing attribute
common.js Updating copyright notices for 2012
db_update.php Update version number to 1.5.8.
delete.php #940: Fix referrer confirmation for forums installed in subdirectories.
edit.php #940: Fix referrer confirmation for forums installed in subdirectories.
extern.php #871: Make use of fluxbb_write_cache_file() function in extern.php, too.
footer.php #927: Add option to list all postings when moderating topic.
header.php #996: Send X-Frame-Options header to prevent clickjacking attaks
help.php #760: Change example email address to use RFC 2606 reserved example d…
index.php #810: Remove tabs; change order to match previously
install.php Update version number to 1.5.8.
login.php Add hooks in the password reset form.
misc.php #998: Fix undefined host in validate_redirect
moderate.php #927: Add option to list all postings when moderating topic.
post.php Add more hooks, make them consistent.
profile.php Move hook placement for consistency Converted readme to markdown
register.php Add more hooks, make them consistent.
search.php #934: Remove obsolete cellspacing attribute
userlist.php #934: Remove obsolete cellspacing attribute
viewforum.php #963: Add rel="canonical".
viewtopic.php Fix hook name.

FluxBB 1.5 Readme


FluxBB is an open source forum application released under the GNU General Public Licence. It is free to download and use and will remain so. FluxBB was conceived and designed to be fast and light with less of the "not so essential" features that some of the other forums have whilst not sacrificing essential functionality or usability.


  • A webserver
  • PHP 4.4.0 or later
  • A database such as MySQL 4.1.2 or later, PostgreSQL 7.0 or later, or SQLite 2


  • Make use of a PHP accelerator such as APC or XCache
  • Make sure PHP has the zlib module installed to allow FluxBB to gzip output


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