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Fluxbox Window Manager (Mirror)
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Latest commit a110354 Apr 25, 2016 @mgumz mgumz fix fbsetbg in combination with picky shells
in *BSD, /bin/sh is Almquist Shell(ash). the 'hash' built-in command of ash
returns 0, always. 'hash' is not usable for find_it() function in
util/fbsetbg and util/

this patch changes the behavior of find_it(): when 'hash' is detected to
not work correctly, switch back to 'which'.

this patch is the work of Yamashiro, Jun and appeared first as patch-160
on sourceforge: i submit
it on behalf of the author.
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3rd/vim Add ArrangeWindowsStack* actions to vim-keys Jan 5, 2015
build-aux build-sys: use iconv library detections from gettext May 26, 2013
doc Add documentation for edge snap feature when resizing. Jan 4, 2016
nls Update Turkish translation Feb 7, 2015
src Fix menus over a single column wide Apr 25, 2016
util fix fbsetbg in combination with picky shells Apr 25, 2016
.gitignore build-sys: move to non-recursive build May 26, 2013
.mailmap Add .mailmap file Feb 8, 2015
AUTHORS updated the AUTHOR file Jan 23, 2011
COPYING cosmetics Feb 27, 2011
ChangeLog Final notes Feb 8, 2015
INSTALL moved meta-information around a little bit Nov 1, 2011 Fix build-system: install data files (keys, apps, menu ...) Jan 5, 2015
NEWS Final notes Feb 8, 2015
README moved meta-information around a little bit Nov 1, 2011
TODO allow decorations bitmask to be specified with 0x Oct 21, 2007 build-sys: move autotools files to subdirectories May 26, 2013 Increase verbosity of 'configure' summary Jan 28, 2015 Identify clang compiler Jan 3, 2015


Fluxbox is a windowmanager for X that was based on the Blackbox 0.61.1 code.
It is very light on resources and easy to handle but yet full of features to
make an easy, and extremely fast, desktop experience.

Read INSTALL to read about building and installing fluxbox. Read NEWS to see
whats new in this release, for copyright information see COPYING. For more
information go to:


  Blackbox team

  People at #fluxbox on the irc-network.

  And all the people who sent bugfixes/patches and helped us making
  Fluxbox a better application, see AUTHORS for a incomplete list
  of people who helped fluxbox.

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