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@sambooo sambooo released this Aug 22, 2017 · 3167 commits to master since this release

Warning This release has significant changes over prior releases, and is not in general backwards-compatible:

  • The image name for the daemon has changed to There is no longer a need to run the service (and at some point, the code for fluxsvc will be moved elsewhere).
  • The command-line tool fluxctl will no longer work with old installations (however, for some purposes, old binaries of fluxctl will work with Weave Cloud).


  • The purpose of Flux is now to synchronise your cluster with config stored in git.
  • ... and to automatically upgrade images when new versions are ready to deploy.
  • This is all done in the daemon running in your cluster; no secrets need to live anywhere else or leave your cluster.
  • Automated image upgrades are controlled by annotations on the resources in question.
  • Automated image upgrades are no longer limited to releasing just the latest pushed tag. Run fluxctl policy --help to learn more.


To upgrade from a prior version of Flux, delete the Kubernetes resources associated with the old version, then adapt the example yamels by supplying at least a URL for your config repository. Be sure to set up an SSH key, as described in the setup docs.

If you want to connect to Weave Cloud, supply your instance token and the --connect argument where indicated in the example yamel. Weave Cloud will detect the version of the daemon you are using and show you the right UI.

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