scrobbler for MOC audio player, written in Python (version 3).
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README.markdown (For Python3) scrobbler for MOC audio player with support for now-playing notifications, daemonization and cache. It needs just Python 3 to run, nothing else.

Works with internet streams (only with properly set tags - usually Icecast streams). Scrobbles on 90% of track or on track change/stop if at least 50% or half minute was played. Supports scrobbling of looped track too.

% python3 --help 0.2
Usage: [--daemon] [--offline] [--verbose | --quiet] [--config=FILE] --kill [--verbose | --quiet]
  -c, --config=FILE  Use this file instead of default config
  -d, --daemon       Run in background, messages will be written to log file
  -k, --kill         Kill existing scrobbler instance and exit
  -o, --offline      Don't connect to service, put everything in cache
  -q, --quiet        Write only errors to console/log
  -v, --verbose      Write more messages to console/log


Installation is manual. Just put this python script in your $PATH. It doesn't need to configure anything within MOC itself. Before running you need to create configuration file ~/.mocpscrob/config which should look like below:


password will be replaced with password_md5 on the first run. Its value will be original value hashed using MD5 algorithm. If you want to change password, just add again password with you new password - password_md5 will be replaced.

streams and hostname are not required, and given values are default.

streams turns on scrobbling when listening to internet streams. If it works incorrectly, set it to false.

hostname may be useful if you want to use different scrobbling service, for example (

Cache, pidfile and logs are placed in ~/.mocpscrob/.

Instead of running in daemon mode, you can run it in GNU Screen:

% screen -dR scrob -v


Before issuing bugs, please check the following:

  1. Make sure you're using Python in at least version 3.1 (I didn't really test it with Python 3.0)
  2. Check if mocp -i prints what track is currently playing


What about other players?

Maybe in future, but as different project.

What about Python 2.x?

Not supported, sorry. Old code can be found in old-python2 tag. It has small bugs, so be prepared.

What about scrobbling API 2?

There is some interest in using this script as gobbler for, which AFAIK doesn't support new API yet, so...