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FluxNote is a self-hosted note-taking application designed to be easy to connect to external services.

The two most common flows for interacting with external services are:

  • Sharing: To share, you select a third-party service like a blog from a share widget below a note, and a box for editing the note before posting it is shown. Then you click a Share button and the excerpt is shared using the service.
  • Manual bulk importing: When you select a service to import from, an editable list of documents, with checked checkboxes, is shown. You skip over or edit ones you want to keep, and you uncheck ones you don't want to keep. This way if you only jotted down part of a note, perhaps due to restrictions of the service (for example Twitter restricts to 140 characters), you can quickly add the rest of the note.

It's designed to be powerful yet to have the users do things explicitly. The goal is for the user to always know what's being shared, and when information is deleted. It's inspired by Jef Raskin's The Humane Environment, in which he passionately argued for computers to make it easy to create content.

Current Status

2012-05-05: The initial prototype is in development.


See the GitHub issues.

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