Utility to connect your Fluxo stores on your React.js component.
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#FluxoReactConnectStores Build Status

FluxoReactConnectStores is a utility to connect your Fluxo stores on your React.js component.

###Installation Install with bower or npm and include on your app with some module loader (browserify/webpack/require.js) or include directly on your app through script tag.

$ bower install --save fluxo_react_connect_stores


$ npm install --save fluxo-react-connect-stores

####Using with CommonJS module loaders (Webpack/Browserify)

var Connector = require("fluxo-react-connect-stores");
Connector(MyComponent, { comments: commentsStore });

####Using with <script> tag If you include the connector with script tag the connector will be available through window.FluxoReactConnectStores.

##How to use The FluxoReactConnectStores returns a "wrapper component" around your component that listens to the stores. When a store change, this component define new props to your component, causing the component update.

You need specify what stores you are "connecting" on your component like this:

var Connector = require("fluxo-react-connect-stores");

var commentStore = new Fluxo.ObjectStore();

var MyComponentConnected =
  Connector(MyComponent, { comment: commentStore });

The first argument is the component that you will connect and the second one is a literal object where the key is the store name and the value is the store instance.

All connected store data will be placed on the component's props. Take a look on the example below.

var Connector = require("fluxo-react-connect-stores");

// A new instance of Fluxo.Store
var comment = new Fluxo.Store({ content: "My comment" });

// My component
var MyComponent = React.createClass({
  render: function() {
    // Present my store using the object on "this.props.comment"
    return <p>{this.props.comment.content}</p>;

// Connect my store on my component
var MyComponentConnected = Connector(MyComponent, { comment: comment });

// Render my connected component
React.render(<MyComponentConnected/>, document.getElementById("app"));

💡 You also can check and try this alive on JSFiddle.

Samuel Simões ~ @samuelsimoes ~ samuelsimoes.com