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Acts As Noteable

Allows for notes to be added to multiple and different models.

== Resources


  • Run the following command:

script/plugin install

  • Create a new rails migration and add the following self.up and self.down methods

def self.up create_table "notes", :force => true do |t| t.column "from", :string, :limit => 50, :default => "" t.column "body", :text, :default => "" t.column "created_at", :datetime, :null => false t.column "noteable_id", :integer, :default => 0, :null => false t.column "noteable_type", :string, :limit => 15, :default => "", :null => false end


def self.down drop_table :notes end

== Usage

  • Make you ActiveRecord model act as noteable.

class Model < ActiveRecord::Base acts_as_noteable end

  • Add a note to a model instance

model = note = note.body = 'Some comment' model.notes << note

  • Each note references a noteable object

model = Model.find(1) model.notes.get(0).noteable == model

== Helper method for views

Here’s how the helper works.

In the view you want to display notes in put the following:

<%= display_notes(object) %>

This will create a div filled with the note entries for the object and a AJAX form to add new notes to the object as well as delete notes from the object. The add and delete methods are stored in the notes_controller.rb that gets copied over into your app/controllers directory.

The full implementation for this method is:

<%= display_notes(obj, partial_name = "notes/note", controller_name = "notes") %>

I added the partial name and controller name in case you have multiple controllers in different folders, this way you can display notes for objects whose controllers are buried deep in a folder.

== Credits

Jake V - This plugin is heavily influenced by Acts As Commentable (by Juixe).

== More


gives you the ability to add a polymorphic note class to any mode so that you can add notes to the model.




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