A small, bootable clone of Space Invaders written in x86 Assembly
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ASM Space Invaders

This is a very simple clone of the popular arcade game Space Invaders.

The game is written in x86-assembly. The resulting program includes a bootloader and the game itself. It leverages the existing BIOS functionality to receive keyboard input and print ASCII chars to the screen.

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

Building the Project

In order to assemble the source of the project you have to install NASM. You can then start the building process by executing


This should create the file build/image.img.


As far as I know the programm should be bootable from a floppy disk. I did not test this, though.

Alternatively, it is possible to run the image using QEMU. After the emulator is installed and the image is created, you can start the program using


Project Structure

The bootloader is located in bootloader.asm. Its single purpose is to load the game's binary file and then jump to its entrypoint. The main file of the game is space-invaders.asm.

Have a look at the Wiki for a more detailed documentation.

Additional Notes

If you have any questions about this project please feel free to open an issue. I really enjoyed working on it and I am happy to share the little I know.

A big Thank You to Peter Mikkelsen and his ASM Snake Project as well as to OSDev.org.