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; initialize the environment
mov ax, 0x07c0
mov ds, ax
; the segment of the game
mov ax, 0x07e0
; setup the file-source
mov ch, 0x00 ; cylinder 0
mov cl, 0x02 ; sector 2 (skip first sector, which is the bootloader)
mov dh, 0x00 ; head 0
mov dl, 0x00 ; drive 0 (floppy disk)
; setup the destination
mov es, ax ; segment starts directly after the bootloader (7c00 - 7dff)
mov bx, 0x0000
; copy data into RAM
mov al, 0x04 ; read four sectors
mov ah, 0x02 ; int 13h subfunction 2 -> read sectors (512 bytes) from disk
int 0x13 ; copy sectors to ES:BX
jc read ; carry-flag is set -> there was a read-error, retry
; rebase segments for game execution
mov ax, 0x07e0
mov ds, ax ; data segment
mov es, ax ; additional segments
mov fs, ax
mov gs, ax
mov ss, ax ; stack segment
; reset stack pointer
; mov sp, 0x0000
; enter the game code -> set CS:IP
jmp 0x07e0:0x0000
; spacing and signature
times 510 - ($ - $$) db 0
dw 0xaa55