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Hackpack v3 PagerDuty

Hackpack v3 is a limited-edition hardware badge fabricated for SIGNAL 2017, The Developer Conference by Twilio.

Onboard is a Particle Electron 3G from Particle, 16 Neopixel RGB LEDs, and a 2000 mAh Lithium Ion Battery.

This project rewrites the initial firmware and adds support for PagerDuty events. It uses the new Twilio Functions as proxy between the PagerDuty Webhook and the Hackpack.

As a bonus it uses the Twilio SIM Card to receive the commands but is still fully compatible with the dedicated Particle SIM Card.

Getting Started

Learn more about the Hackpack on the Hackpack site.


There are multiple ways to trigger it. The easiest way is through the existing Particle CLI.

It also supports the new Twilio Functions and can receive directly SMS/Commands via Twilio.

Twilio Function

Below is the code for mapping PagerDuty payloads to the Hackpack. It supports multiple Hackpack's if you have more than one to update.

var callbackTrigger = function(completed, max, callback, msg) {

 	  if(completed >= max) {
      callback(null, msg)

exports.handler = function(context, event, callback) {

  var _ = require('lodash');

  // parse pagerduty
  if(_.isArray(event.messages)) {

    let incidentType = event.messages[0].type;
  	let client = context.getTwilioClient();
    let sims = [/** List of SIM SID's */];
    let completed = 0;

    sims.forEach(function(sim, index) {

          command: incidentType,
          sim: sim
      }).then(function(response) {


        	callbackTrigger(completed, sims.length, callback, 'triggered ' + incidentType);




  return callback('Error: No incident type found', false);




  • MIT License