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(source gnu)
(source melpa)
(package-file "flycheck.el")
(files "flycheck.el" "flycheck-ert.el"
;; Cask automatically builds docs for us :)
(depends-on "shut-up") ; Silence Emacs
;; Make optional dependencies available for development
(depends-on "google-this") ; Search for messages
;; Various modes for use in the unit tests
(depends-on "adoc-mode")
(depends-on "coffee-mode")
(depends-on "cperl-mode")
(depends-on "d-mode")
(depends-on "elixir-mode")
(depends-on "erlang")
(depends-on "ess")
(depends-on "go-mode")
(depends-on "haml-mode")
(depends-on "handlebars-mode")
(depends-on "haskell-mode")
(depends-on "js2-mode")
(depends-on "js3-mode")
(depends-on "less-css-mode")
(depends-on "lua-mode")
(depends-on "mmm-mode")
(depends-on "php-mode")
(depends-on "puppet-mode")
(depends-on "racket-mode")
(depends-on "rhtml-mode")
(depends-on "rust-mode")
(depends-on "sass-mode")
(depends-on "scala-mode2")
(depends-on "scss-mode")
(depends-on "slim-mode")
(depends-on "yaml-mode")
(depends-on "rpm-spec-mode"))
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