Amazon Redshift output plugin for Fluentd
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Amazon Redshift output plugin for Fluentd


Amazon Redshift output plugin uploads event logs to an Amazon Redshift Cluster. Supported data formats are csv, tsv and json. An S3 bucket and a Redshift Cluster are required to use this plugin.


gem install fluent-plugin-redshift



<match my.tag>
    type redshift

    # s3 (for copying data to redshift)
    aws_key_id YOUR_AWS_KEY_ID
    aws_sec_key YOUR_AWS_SECRET_KEY
    ## or Use IAM Role instead of credentials.
    aws_iam_role arn:aws:iam::ACCOUNT_ID:role/ROLE_NAME

    s3_bucket YOUR_S3_BUCKET
    s3_endpoint YOUR_S3_BUCKET_END_POINT
    path YOUR_S3_PATH
    timestamp_key_format year=%Y/month=%m/day=%d/hour=%H/%Y%m%d-%H%M
    s3_server_side_encryption S3_SERVER_SIDE_ENCRYPTION

    # redshift
    redshift_copy_columns COLMUNS_FOR_COPY
    file_type [tsv|csv|json|msgpack]

    # buffer
    buffer_type file
    buffer_path /var/log/fluent/redshift
    flush_interval 15m
    buffer_chunk_limit 1g

    # maintenance
    maintenance_file_path /path/to/maintenance_file

Example (watch and upload json formatted apache log):

    type tail
    path redshift_test.json
    pos_file redshift_test_json.pos
    tag redshift.json
    format /^(?<log>.*)$/

<match redshift.json>
    type redshift

    # s3 (for copying data to redshift)
    aws_key_id YOUR_AWS_KEY_ID
    aws_sec_key YOUR_AWS_SECRET_KEY
    s3_bucket hapyrus-example
    path path/on/s3/apache_json_log/
    timestamp_key_format year=%Y/month=%m/day=%d/hour=%H/%Y%m%d-%H%M
    s3_server_side_encryption aes256

    # redshift
    redshift_port 5439
    redshift_dbname fluent-redshift-test
    redshift_user fluent
    redshift_password fluent-password
    redshift_tablename apache_log
    file_type json

    # buffer
    buffer_type file
    buffer_path /var/log/fluent/redshift
    flush_interval 15m
    buffer_chunk_limit 1g

    # maintenance
    maintenance_file_path /tmp/fluentd_redshift_maintenance
  • type (required) : The value must be redshift.

  • aws_key_id : AWS access key id to access s3 bucket.

  • aws_sec_key : AWS secret key id to access s3 bucket.

  • aws_iam_role : AWS IAM Role name to access s3 bucket and copy into redshift.

  • s3_bucket (required) : s3 bucket name. S3 bucket must be same as the region of your Redshift cluster.

  • s3_endpoint : s3 endpoint.

  • path (required) : s3 path to input.

  • timestamp_key_format : The format of the object keys. It can include date-format directives.

    • Default parameter is "year=%Y/month=%m/day=%d/hour=%H/%Y%m%d-%H%M"
    • For example, the s3 path is as following with the above example configration.

    hapyrus-example/apache_json_log/year=2013/month=03/day=05/hour=12/20130305_1215_00.gz hapyrus-example/apache_json_log/year=2013/month=03/day=05/hour=12/20130305_1230_00.gz

  • s3_server_side_encryption : S3 Server-Side Encryption (Only aes256 is supported)

  • redshift_host (required) : the end point(or hostname) of your Amazon Redshift cluster.

  • redshift_port (required) : port number.

  • redshift_dbname (required) : database name.

  • redshift_user (required) : user name.

  • redshift_password (required) : password for the user name.

  • redshift_tablename (required) : table name to store data.

  • redshift_schemaname : schema name to store data. By default, this option is not set and find table without schema as your own search_path.

  • redshift_connect_timeout : maximum time to wait for connection to succeed.

  • redshift_copy_columns : columns for copying. Value needs to be comma-separated like id,name,age

  • file_type : file format of the source data. csv, tsv, msgpack or json are available.

  • delimiter : delimiter of the source data. This option will be ignored if file_type is specified.

  • buffer_type : buffer type.

  • buffer_path : path prefix of the files to buffer logs.

  • flush_interval : flush interval.

  • buffer_chunk_limit : limit buffer size to chunk.

  • utc : utc time zone. This parameter affects timestamp_key_format.

  • maintenance_file_path : path of maintenance file. plugin skip processing and keep retrying during a file existing in this file path. To avoid data loss due to too many retries caused by long mainenance, setting retry_limit and retry_wait is recommended.

Logging examples

# examples by fluent-logger
require 'fluent-logger'
log =, :host => 'localhost', :port => 24224)

# file_type: csv'your.tag', :log => "12345,12345")

# file_type: tsv'your.tag', :log => "12345\t12345")

# file_type: json
require 'json''your.tag', :log => { :user_id => 12345, :data_id => 12345 }.to_json)

# file_type: msgpack'your.tag', :user_id => 12345, :data_id => 12345)


Copyright (c) 2013 Hapyrus Inc

Apache License, Version 2.0