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FlyDog SDR Project

FlyDog SDR: The 16-Bit ADC KiwiSDR derivation Wide-band SDR + GPS cape for Raspberry Pi.


  1. FlyDog_SDR_GPS FlyDog_SDR_GPS Public

    Forked from Beagle_SDR_GPS for specialised add-on SDR board with 16-Bit ADC which improved from KiwiSDR.

    C++ 25 13

  2. FlyCat_SDR_GPS FlyCat_SDR_GPS Public

    📻 FlyCat SDR, the next generation 16-Bit Wide-band SDR + GPS cape for Orange Pi, with better performance.

    C++ 1

  3. raspbian-builder raspbian-builder Public

    💽 Costmised Raspbian Linux image builder with FlyDog SDR.

    Shell 5 9

  4. armbian-builder armbian-builder Public

    💽 Costmised Armbian Linux image builder with FlyCat SDR.


  5. docker-builder docker-builder Public

    🐳 Builder for Docker image.

    Dockerfile 6 6

  6. flycat-admin flycat-admin Public

    👨‍💼 Web-based maintenance of FlyCat SDR.



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