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Update to 1.3RC36h (require GUI 2.0.12 or newer) -

  • fix an issue with VTX functionality doesn't work on FCv1/CC
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@flyduino flyduino released this Sep 2, 2018

Update to 1.3RC36h (require GUI 2.0.12 or newer) -

  • looptime back to 1k fixed
  • Wolf PDB GPS passthrough for Crossfire
  • Adjusted pitch/roll + yaw LPF filter (adjustment to prevent motor grinding noise)
  • Advanced serial support (allow remapping of all serial ports except USB connection)
  • Added support for Runcam Camera settings (Copter needs to be disarmed - For stick commands please follow instruction of Runcam manual)

Receiver - When connecting receiver on a non-default port please note that receiver TX pin (SBUS/CRSF TX) need to be connected to the FC TX pin (not RX) and the telemetry (SPORT/CRSF RX/...) will be connected to the corresponding TX pin/pad.

VTX/ESC telemetry - Please note that the pinout between FCv1/CC and FCv2 is different. On v1/CC VTX (Smartaudio/Tramp) have to be connected to the RX pin while on the FC v2 it is the TX pin. ESC telemetry is connected on v1/CC on TX while on the FC v2 it is on the RX pin

WARNING - When restore configuration from a previous version please ensure you double-check the enhanced serial configuration

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Update to 1.3RC36c (require GUI 2.0.8 or newer) -

  • adding support for ESC rotation to support custom orientation of the new 4-in-1 (90° CW/CCW, 180°, Upside Down, Upside Down 90°CW/CCW, Upside Down 180°)
  • Add Frsky F-Port support (use UPRT pad) - latest LUA available at
  • fix a bug where in failsafe condition motor wouldn't stop while in Turtle mode
  • Dshot telemetry fix (ESC telemetry is always on when using Dshot)
  • fix a bug where audio was not working with connected Smartaudio on KISS FC v2

Known problem

  • spectrum analyzer of current Betaflight blackbox logger is not working
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@flyduino flyduino released this Feb 23, 2018

  • added Penta copter support
  • added setpoint D weight setting
  • added three more aux channels (now we have 7)
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@flyduino flyduino released this Sep 25, 2017

  • Improved CSRF/FRSKY Lua support (Lua v0.9 is the lastest)
  • Fixed BLHeli ESC DShot timing
  • Tuned Adaptive filter (anti grinding at low throttle on some setups)
  • Added Graupner voice alerts
  • Added Graupner KISS configuration - Video:
  • Added TBS Tango VTX follow mode - Video:
  • Added TBS Tango KISS configuration - Video:
  • Added CSRF parameters support
  • Added CSRF LED support
  • Added Runcam Split start/stop support (connect CAM-RX to FC-TX!)
  • Added Led brightness support
  • Swapped direction of rolls and flips in turtle mode
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@flyduino flyduino released this Aug 7, 2017

  • Added adaptive filter
  • Added turtle mode feature with visual and audio warning
  • Fixed custom orientation bug
  • Fixed soft serial issues
  • Fixed unify 800mw issue
  • Fixed crossfire LUA delays
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@flyduino flyduino released this Jul 4, 2017

  • Looptime configurable (1, 2 and 4k)
  • Unify und tramp are suppored now on RX3 pad!!!!!
  • New yaw filter (new default is 35)
  • TBS crossfire Support
  • New kiss protocol CRC support (Kiss osd should work fine, Third party OSDs are also in process of *changing)
  • TBS crossfire lua script (tested with micro receiver v2, need crossfire fw 1.65 and OpenTX 2.2RC18)
  • Settings reset fix (Extra crc and more checks added just in case)
  • Added possibility to set motor direction and 3D mode from ESC flasher tab in the gui.
  • Added possibility to reverse yaw direction (if u want to run motors in opposite direction)
  • Added separate filters for roll/pitch and yaw
  • Added better WIFI module support (also WIFI console can be opened from kiss gui)
  • Lua scripts optimized a bit and renamed… For taranis – use X9 folder
  • KissSP.lua – for SPort, KissCF.lua – for Crossfire.
  • Some gerneral fixes and improvements
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Jul 4, 2017
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