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React Native Keyboard Accessory View

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Keyboard accessory (sticky) view for your React Native app. Supports interactive dismiss on iOS, respects safe area and works in both portrait and landscape, on both iOS and Android.


Getting Started

This library depends on react-native-safe-area-context. If you use React Navigation you probably already have it in your dependencies, so you're good to go. If not, please follow the instructions here to install it. Then run:

yarn add @flyerhq/react-native-keyboard-accessory-view


import {
} from '@flyerhq/react-native-keyboard-accessory-view'
// ...
const { panHandlers, positionY } = usePanResponder()
const [contentBottomInset, setContentBottomInset] = useState(0)
// ...
return (
    // Can be anything scrollable
        paddingBottom: contentBottomInset,
      scrollIndicatorInsets={{ bottom: contentBottomInset }}
      // Your accessory view

Let's break it down.

usePanResponder is used to track a finger position on a screen and to adjust KeyboardAccessoryView bottom position to go with a keyboard interactive dismiss. Under the hood, it creates PanResponder which tracks the Y position. It returns this position and panHandlers which should be spread under anything scrollable (e.g. ScrollView, FlatList). On Android, an empty object is returned in panHandlers since we don't have interactive dismiss and don't want to add unnecessary responders.

KeyboardAccessoryView optionally accepts panResponderPositionY returned from the usePanResponder hook. If you don't provide this value, the accessory view will not stick to the keyboard during interactive dismiss, but it will still work correctly on keyboard show/hide events. If you don't need interactive dismiss support you don't need to provide panResponderPositionY and use usePanResponder hook.

Additionally, KeyboardAccessoryView provides a onContentBottomInsetUpdate callback which can be used to position scrollable content above the keyboard.



  • style (optional) - accepts View Style Props. Used to style the view which includes both content container and safe area insets. A common use case will be setting backgroundColor so the content container and safe area insets are of the matching color.

  • contentContainerStyle (optional) - accepts View Style Props. Used to style the content container, but not the safe area insets.

  • onContentBottomInsetUpdate (optional) - accepts a function with a number parameter. See the description above.

  • panResponderPositionY (optional) - accepts a number. See the description above.



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