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Whitelisting gems should be possible #90

ludwigschubert opened this Issue Jan 17, 2013 · 5 comments

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Hi, when using the rolify gem I get a N+1 warning:

N+1 Query detected
  Role => [:resource]
  Add to your finder: :include => [:resource]

This might be technically correct, but since I can't do anything about rolify's behaviour, I'd really want to whitelist this.


I think you should open a ticket to rolify to fix this issue


You're right. I'm assuming there will be more cases like this in the future.
Not saying whitelisting is a high priority - but it would be helpful in certain 'real life' situations.


@ludwigschubert Have you opened a ticket to rolify?


Thanks for reminding me – it's here.

BTW, I still think that for pure convenience it would be helpful to be able whitelist gems, so as not to become numb to bullet's warnings.


I just released bullet 4.5.0, please check whitelist section in READEME

If you have any problems, please leave comments here #85

@flyerhzm flyerhzm closed this Mar 24, 2013
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