translate chinese hanzi to pinyin
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Translate chinese hanzi to pinyin.

The dict is borrowed from


gem install chinese_pinyin

or add in Gemfile.

gem 'chinese_pinyin'



$ ch2py -h
Usage: ch2py [opts]
    -c, --camelcase                  Camelcase of each word
    -i, --stdin                      Read from stdard input
    -t, --tone                       Show tone at end of word
    -m, --tonemarks                  Show tone at top of letter, this
would cover -t option
    -s, --splitter <splitter>        Splitter of each word, use a space
by default
    -v, --version                    Show version
    -h, --help                       Show this help

$ ch2py 中文
zhong wen

By code

require 'chinese_pinyin'

Pinyin.t('中国')  => "zhong guo"
Pinyin.t('你好world') => "ni hao world"
Pinyin.t('中国', splitter: '-') => "zhong-guo"
Pinyin.t('中国', splitter: '') => "zhongguo"
Pinyin.t('中国', tone: true) => "zhong1 guo2"
Pinyin.t('中国', tonemarks: true) => "zhōng guó"
Pinyin.t('北京') { |letters| letters[0].upcase } => 'BJ'
Pinyin.t('北京') { |letters, i| letters[0].upcase if i == 0 } => 'B'

Polyphone Issue

use Words.dat to override default behavior.

by default

Pinyin.t('广州') => "yan zhou"

add file Words.dat

广州|guang3 zhou1

set ENV['WORDS_FILE'] for Words.dat

ENV['WORDS_FILE'] = "Words.dat path"
Pinyin.t('广州') => "guang zhou"