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check your website if it is seo.

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Check your website if it is seo.


  • use sitemap file
  • each page are reachable
  • each page has title
  • use unique title tags for each page
  • each page has meta description
  • ues unique descriptions for each page
  • url does not just use ID number.
  • url does not use excessive keywords
  • url does not have deep nesting of subdirectories


sudo gem install seo_checker


It is easy to use, just one line. seo_checker

It is strongly recommand to check seo in development environment. If you want to test in production environment, you can use option --batch and --interval to make sure it does not get too crowded, and use --debug to see the page crawling.

Usage: seo_checker [OPTIONS] website_url
    -b, --batch BATCH_SIZE           get a batch size of pages
    -i, --interval INTERVAL_TIME     interval time between two batches
        --debug                      print the page crawling
    -h, --help                       Show this message

For example:

seo_checker http://localhost:3000
seo_checker --debug -b 10 -i 1
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