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Sep 20, 2012
Richard Huang update README 16084bd
Luke Cowell added rspec dependency 02e4e94
Luke Cowell added sorcery provider b31a958
Sep 22, 2012
Luke Cowell ensure that all providers have the same method signature
added optional scope, so that the controller doesn't need to know which
provider it is talking to.
Luke Cowell added devise provider 6defd39
Luke Cowell specs should not talk to controller directly
otherwise we're not actually checking if the provider is doing its job
Luke Cowell added authlogic provider ca1cc46
Luke Cowell added restful authentication provider 2741a2e
Luke Cowell make all provider modules available to SwitchUser
should the requires be done in the controller where the interaction with the
provider actually happens ?
Luke Cowell handle all user session operations through the corresponding provider d4c2b10
Luke Cowell load provider based on SwichUser.provider bbcf1cc
Luke Cowell Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into split_providers
Luke Cowell move specs in to a shared example c30bcc4
Richard Huang Merge pull request #17 from lcowell/split_providers
Split providers
Sep 23, 2012
Richard Huang autoload all providers 5901b57
Sep 26, 2012
Luke Cowell move providers to SwitchUser::Provider::ProviderName
fixes error raise by SwitchUserController#provider_class
autoload wasn't finding the constant Provider
Provider wasn't namespaced under SwitchUser, so it was poluting the namespace
Richard Huang Merge pull request #19 from lcowell/autoload_providers
move providers to SwitchUser::Provider::ProviderName
Sep 30, 2012
Luke Cowell helper initialization only happens when Rails is present
This will allow us to test the SwitchUser module without being dependent on
rails being loaded.
Richard Huang Merge pull request #20 from lcowell/load_helpers
helper initialization only happens when Rails is present
Luke Cowell remove unused code 26c786e
Luke Cowell update specs to use constants namespaced under SwitchUser f4623b2
Luke Cowell move logic for resolving the provider class out of the controller
move in to SwitchUser as it is much easier to test
Luke Cowell seperate the definition of config accessors and their defaults
makes it easier to see what the defaults are as they are not mixed with the definition of the accessors
Oct 01, 2012
Luke Cowell create UserLoader class for retrieving a user based on scope and id
- raise an error for an invalid scope
- build finder based on available_users_identifiers
- needs a better name
Oct 02, 2012
Luke Cowell Use relative namespace e810989
Luke Cowell unused code, shouldn't be in here
also, this class loads a user from a scope and id, converting a string
to a scope and id is another responsibility
Luke Cowell remove #find_user from controller use UserLoader class 966be6b
Luke Cowell updated devise provider to support multiple user scopes 3e23008
Oct 04, 2012
Luke Cowell added provider#login_exclusive
this will log the user in to the requested scope and log the user out of all
other scopes. This only appears to apply to Devise as the other providers to
not support multiple scopes, but all providers must support it so we have a
consistent API.
Luke Cowell ensure our scope can come in as a string b6ee30e
Luke Cowell use #login_exclusive in controller for logging in the user
login_exclusive is more descriptive than the previous controller code
improves test coverage
Oct 05, 2012
Luke Cowell added rspec options to colorize output 97bc6d9
Oct 11, 2012
Luke Cowell refactored helper to generate html programmatically
- use provider to retrieve the current_user and remove logic from helper
- don't look up current_user on each scope iteration
Oct 12, 2012
Luke Cowell added provider#current_users_without_scope
This provides us with a way to load up all current users for all scopes. This
is useful as seen in the SwitchUserHelper where we don't know which scope to
Oct 13, 2012
Luke Cowell skip method using method guard if switch_user is not currently available 79d5075
Oct 30, 2012
Luke Cowell added provider#logout_all to ensure users are logged out of any scope d62049c
Luke Cowell added development dependency for activesupport
calling bundle on the project should install any requirements to run the test
Luke Cowell remove duplication in generating option tags 337472f
Luke Cowell added a note for handling wildcard routes 0c274bb
Luke Cowell version bump in preperation for new release 6e360cd
Luke Cowell add myself as a contributer 5ff5b33
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