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Release 2.0.3
2.0.3 release is containing a lot of major fix compare to last release. User should update to this release as soon as possible. It fixed many inconveniet bugs. Changes compare to 2.0.2 are described below:
* CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS and LDFLAGS are recongnized.
* Scons scripts now will remember the configuration arguments in configure.conf.
* Ported to ARMEL architecture.
* Able to build on FreeBSD.
* New LOGO!
* History cache focus more on recent commits.
* Supports --libdir and --libdatadir as configuration arguments.
* Hunpin support. (Contributed by Hanjie Xu)
* Fixed weird behavior of history with a single character.
* Fixed a potential issue for candidate ranking.
* Supports --libdir, --datadir, --execdir as configuration arguments.
* Alt+num key as the candidate delete key for ibus-sunpinyin.
* Able to build on IBus-1.4
* Synchronized the version between xsunpinyin and libsunpinyin project.
* Fixed startup crash with empty directory.
* Fixed position problem on multi-screen.
* Fixed crash on exit, which caused history information lost.
* Refact UI system
* Added skin support
* Fixed text overbound when pinyin are too long.
* Fixed ignorance of ShuangPin setting.
* Fixed weird behavior of fast switch to english. (Issue 213).
* Add legacy support for scim (Thanks to liangguo)