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Welcome to May Blog

Notice: MayBlog is not deprecated, but currently I pay more attention to OctBlog

Why it named MayBlog?

Just because it is a blog system started in May, 2015. MayBlog is vivid.

😛 😛 😛


MayBlog is a blog system with following features:

  • Powered by django and bootstrap
  • Deployed by docker
  • Multiple deployment setting files
  • Search engine optimized
  • Blog features:
    • multi-user
    • multi-role
    • posts, pages, tags, and categories
    • markdown support
    • admin interface
    • RESTful API (under development)

Preview MayBlog

How to run it ?

Run from source code

If you want to see more about the source code, checkout the source code readme

Run by docker(recommended)

Run MayBlog by docker is recommended, here are some instruction:

First Run

1. Use MayBlog image

(sudo) docker pull gevin/mayblog

Or you can build your own MayBlog image

(sudo) docker build -t mayblog .

# Now you can take a cup of coffee and wait for a few minutes :)

2. Run MayBlog

(sudo) docker-compose up -d

3. Get into MayBlog container and migrate database

# Specify MayBlog container ID, eg:12345678
(sudo) docker ps

# Get into MayBlog container
(sudo) docker exec -it 12345678 bash

# Migrate datebase
python migrate

After first run

  • Start MayBlog
(sudo) docker-compose start
  • Stop MayBlog
(sudo) docker-compose stop

Initialize MayBlog

When the blog is run, checkout http://host:port/init to initialize the system

It will create the superuser, user groups(administrator, editor, writer, contributor, and reader), and assign permissions for each group.


MayBlog is under GPL2

What's more

If you find a bug or want to add a new feature, just issue me. Want to contribute? Please fork MayBlog and pull request to me.

I'm not good at frontend development, so I used a free bootstrap blog theme. If you can redesign the blog theme and admin interface, I'll appriciate your work very much!