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debug: true
#Number of days for header cache expires `max_age`
header_cache_days: 365
#options separator
options_separator: ","
#Security: Signature generation
# security key
security_key: ""
# secret Initialization vector(IV)
security_iv: ""
# restrict domains, false by default
restricted_domains: false
# if restricted_domains is enabled, put whitelist domains here
# Default storage system is local, to use use AWS S3, change this param to s3
storage_system: local
# Number of threads for Imagemagick to use
thread: 1
#In case storage_system: s3, you need to add those AWS S3 parameters:
access_id: ""
secret_key: ""
region: ""
bucket_name: ""
#Keys used in url to match options. Ex: q_80,w_200,h_100
moz: mozjpeg
q: quality
o: output
unsh: unsharp
fc: face-crop
fcp: face-crop-position
fb: face-blur
w: width
h: height
c: crop
bg: background
st: strip
rz: resize
g: gravity
f: filter
r: rotate
sc: scale
sf: sampling-factor
rf: refresh
ett: extent
par: preserve-aspect-ratio
pns: preserve-natural-size
webpl: webp-lossless
gf: gif-frame
e: extract
p1x: extract-top-x
p1y: extract-top-y
p2x: extract-bottom-x
p2y: extract-bottom-y
#Default options values
mozjpeg: 1
quality: 90
output: auto
unsharp: null
face-crop: 0
face-crop-position: 0
face-blur: 0
width: null
height: null
crop: null
background: null
strip: 1
resize: null
gravity: Center
filter: Lanczos
rotate: null
scale: null
sampling-factor: 1x1
refresh: false
extent: null
preserve-aspect-ratio: 1
preserve-natural-size: 1
webp-lossless: 0
gif-frame: 0
extract: null
extract-top-x: null
extract-top-y: null
extract-bottom-x: null
extract-bottom-y: null