AVWX service API as a Flask app on Azure
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AVWX service API as a Flask app on Azure
Michael duPont - mdupont.com


The AVWX REST API is a web service wrapper around an aviation weather function library I started as a Raspberry Pi project while finishing my private pilot certification. The standalone library can be found here.

The API is a Python3 Flask application in a Docker container. It sources METAR and TAF reports from NOAA ADDS (the backend of aviationweather.gov) but provides a more accurate parse especially for international reporting stations. The API accepts a station's ICAO identifier (ex. KJFK, EGLL) or coordinate pair (lat, lon), in which case it uses GeoNames to return the nearest station. Reports are fully parsed with all possible request combinations and saved in a document cache (also on Azure) for up to two minutes.

Additional info can be found on the service's about page.


Copyright © 2017 Michael duPont
MIT License