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File Locket

v2.0.1 [2013-10-21]

Simple file storage service to store, access, and delete files.

Created by Michael duPont (

Python 2.7.5 - Unix

Found at


Command prompt or terminal input

Saves username, sessionID, and user preferences between sessions

  • User prefs: senddir , destdir , startalert

User can set different send and dest folders for files to/from server

  • Defaults to curdir but saves send/dest between sessions


File encryption on the list to implement

Database stored as two dictionaries and saved between command loops

Server log is recorded into .txt (default) or to the terminal

Critical errors (problems with code, not user error) are tracked without causing server crash


Passwords are salted and hashed client side so server never sees the plain text

All password entry doesn't show text in terminal

User's sessionID changes upon new login

  • User can only transmit new commands on one machine at a time

  • Large file upload will continue even if user moves to new terminal changing sessionID

Admin tools

Client asked for admin password which must match encrypted server password

Admin can shut down server remotely

Adminclear saves a backup of database by renaming bin and making new blank bin folder

  • Previous backup must be manually removed before next clear

Admin can send a messages to users using the notification system

  • Can adapt into automatic alerts (ex. shared file, maintenance, storage cap)

Upgrades for future releases

  • Folder support

  • Up arrow yields previous entries

  • File encryption (user-held keys)

  • User account support/authentication

  • Optional GUI (much later)

Available commands

send -s ---- Send files to the server

get -g ---- Get files from the server

view -v ---- View stored files

del -d ---- Delete files on the server

ver -vr ---- File version options

arc -a ---- Get all files on server

set -us --- Change program settings

stat -st --- Get info about about files

notid -n ---- Notification options

test -t ---- Test server connection

login -li --- Login from terminal

logout -lo --- Logout and quit

quit -q ---- Quit without logging out

Admin Tools (requires server pw):

showusers A-su --- Returns all saved usernames

serverstat A-ss --- Returns server statistics

sendnotif A-sn --- Send alert to users

clear A-cl --- Clears all server lib data

shutdown A-sd --- Shuts down server and saves data

Release Notes

1.0.0 [2013-03-28]

  • Initial release

1.1.0 [2013-04-10]

  • File versioning

  • Source and destination directory control

  • File transfer improvements

  • Server improvements

1.1.1 [2013-07-23]

  • User and server statistics

  • Recieve file archive

  • Client and Server improvements

1.2.0 [2013-07-17]

  • Windows/NT support

  • '#up' for directory control

  • Signup verifies password

  • More reliable file transfers

  • Bug fixes

  • Code reduction

1.3.0 [2013-08-07]

  • Notification system

  • Up/Download progress bar

  • Check version on startup

  • Checksum checks for all transfers

  • Client and Server improvements

  • Bug fixes

1.3.1 [2013-09-05]

  • Send, get, del multiple files

  • Admin send multi-user alert

  • Bug fixes

  • Code readability

2.0.0 [2013-09-27]

  • Call from command line

  • Completely reworked client architecture

  • Command name changes and shortcuts

2.0.1 [2013-10-21]

  • New setup file

  • fl and fl-server added to linux PATH

  • Consolidated data to ~/.filelocket


Simple file server written in Python.







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