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Command-line arguments parser and variables auto-wiring
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Command-line arguments parser

The script extract arguments from the arguments of the script or function and auto-wire to shell variables

Advantages over the traditional getopts :

  • less code to write thus boost development speed
  • variables are auto-populated so no manual assignment needed
  • every option has the visibility of other options so it's easier to do a combination ie if -a and -b activated, then read --longarg
  • options and order agnostic, can easily be used in any script without the need to declare :a:b::cd; it parses everything the user put into arguments (even garbages)
  • can be applied to top-level script, functions or even pure string

How to use


testFunc -h --params --longarg --longargvalue=someVal --longargspace="space & equal=xyz" simplearg "composite arg" -a -bc -D

Inside this script/function, simply call

#make sure to include the function
parse_args "$@"

Now variables will be pre-populated within the environment with the following values

$longarg = true
$longargvalue = someVal
$longargspace = space & equal=xyz

$opta = true
$optb = true
$optc = true
$optd = false
$optD = true
$optE = false

#boolean opt can now easily be tested with
if $opta; then do_smt fi
if [ $optb == true ]; then do_smt fi

$argument1 = simplearg
$argument2 = composite arg

#map -h to --help
$opth = true
$help = true

#map -p to --params
$optp = true
$params = true

All long opts will wire to the same variable name ie --help will populate $help
All short opts will wire to variable with prefix opt[letter] ie -h will populate $opth
All arguments will wire to variable with prefix argument[number] ie $argument1, $argument2 ..


Define options mapping by configuring $ARGPARSER_MAP. Ex when we want to consider -h is the same as --help


Change short opt or argument prefix

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