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Flying Camp Design

Electronics Design

Flying Camp Design was a personal project started by Chris Wilson in 2009 to design and manufacture open-source hardware development tools for the early Internet of Things.

Our products were sold in partnership with our friends at Moteware, a disseminator of open-source hardware, software, and courseware developed at the University of California Berkeley.

After Moteware was disbanded in 2014, we made the decision to close up the Flying Camp Design shop and retire the brand in 2015. The original website can still be accessed at

For new projects we're working on, check out Common Ground Electronics.


  1. msp430-bsl-programmer msp430-bsl-programmer Public archive

    MSP430 BSL Programmer

    Makefile 3 3

  2. msp430-bsl-utility msp430-bsl-utility Public archive

    MSP430 BSL Utility

    Python 4 3


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