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IRC bot for #casiocalc on Afternet
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IRC bot for #casiocalc on Afternet


socket, sys, re, random, time, urllib2, os, subprocess, hashlib, datetime, json

Required files:

Unless stated otherwise, newlines separate lists

  • hashes.txt: sha1 hashes of passwords for use of the !op command.
  • blacklist.txt: names of users not to be autovoiced.


  • !intro : Send a message telling to introduce himself on UCF
  • !info: info about fischbot
  • !8ball : Return a super 8 ball message
  • !coin: flip a coin
  • !say : have fischbot say something in the chat
  • !ddg : Search DuckDuckGo and return the instant answers, if available.
  • !flood: >:-D
  • !info-contrib: info about contributing
  • !info-bugs: info about reporting bugs
  • !op : op user
  • !blame: self-explanatory
  • !authfischbot : auth fischbot on afternet
  • !tell : Tell a when he joins the room
  • !slap : you know what this does.
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