Just a fun bootsector to learn some X86 ASM
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Just a fun bootsector to learn some X86 ASM.

Modern computing environments are abstracted far, far away from machine code & as a result many techs don't understand how computers work. I decided to write something fun with X86 assembler to learn more about them. The end result of that was.... Morgan's Disco Bootsector!

This is a bootable program on any IBM compatible PC that does the following:

  • Sets the display to VGA graphics mode (320x200x256)
  • Plays 'Hot Cross Buns' through the PC speaker (often routed through the soundcard on modern PCs)
  • Every time the song's verse ends, fill the screen pixels with random colours.
  • Repeat indefinitely!

Video of it here: https://youtu.be/kVPWyRFjVck

This was a great learning exercise. Here are some of the things I learned about over the course of the exercise:

  • PC bootloaders & the magic bytes at 510-512.
  • 16-bit 'Real-mode' X86 segmented memory model.
  • int 10h BIOS interrupts to set screen modes (e.g. character & graphics modes) & writing to the video buffer at 0x0a0000.
  • Configuring your PC's programmable timers (PIT) for timing in your application as well as for the PC speaker.
  • Random number generation (linear congruential PRNG).
  • Debugging low level code in bochs.

Install / testing:

  1. You can boot it with QEMU: qemu-system-i386 c:\asm\bootme.img -soundhw pcspk

  2. You can create a bootable USB flash drive by writing the sector with 'USB image tool' (Windows).

Credit: I based by PC speaker routines off this article so credit to him: http://www.fysnet.net/snd.htm