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Mint AI Generated Kanji NFTs with Zero Knowledge

For more information on the circuit generation, you can read more about it in my blog post I wrote.

Installing Prerequisite

If you use Visual Studio Code - Docker Container, you can just open this container inside VSCode and all the prerequisite will be installed for you. You can skip this step and go to the next section

  1. Install rust

  2. Install Circom.

  • you should use v2.0.6 to ensure snarkjs compatibility at the time of writing
  • i.e. git checkout tags/v2.0.6 -b v2.0.6
  1. Install snarkjs

  2. Install all package dependencies


Running in localhost

  1. Setup the contract deploy credentials.

Create /packages/contracts/.env by using the example file /packages/contracts/.env.example and fill in all the fields.

  1. Start a hardhat local node
yarn localnode
  1. In another terminal window, deploy to the local node
yarn deployLocalhost
  1. Start the react app
yarn react

Running in rinkeby

You can deploy to rinkeby by running:

yarn deployRinkeby

Compiling the circuit

The circuit and related files are all stored in packages\circuits\CheckSecret.

If you update CheckSecret.circom and CheckSecret_input.json, you can use the convenient script packages\circuits\ to compile and generate all the necessary files.

# To use Plonk
./ CheckSecret plonk

# To use Groth16
./ CheckSecret groth16


  • add nullifier
  • add test cases
  • allow string as passwords