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Examples from the book "Generative Gestaltung" - made with openFrameworks
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generative design with openFrameworks

The examples are take from the book "Generative Gestaltung". They have a great website at It's a book that focuses on generative design, that's design made by code. They work with processing. So lots of thanks goes to the authors and the processing community.

This mini projects are made with openFrameworks. I'm looking forward to your comments since I'm learning C++.

To use with openFrameworks 0.7. Get the latest from the git repo:

Chapter 01: Colors

  • 01: Two rectangles in contrast hue. Color and size change with mouse position.
  • 02: Draw a HS(b) grid on the screen that changes according to mouse position.
  • 03: Draw a HSB color wheel. Numbers 1 - 5 change segments.
  • 04: Pulls colors from an image and lets you sort the colors after HSB with keys 'H', 'S' & 'B'. Load three different images with keys 'Q', 'W' & 'E' and furthermore change grid accuracy with keys 1 - 9. Use key 0 on faster computer.
  • 05: Generates colors scheme. Generate different color scheme with colors 1 - 3.

Chapter 02: Form

  • 01: A shape (from triangle to circle) is drawn according to mouse position. Reset canvas with 'R'.
  • 02: Draws a kind of maze. Change linecap with 'C' and reset canvas with 'R'.
  • 03: Draws circles or rectangles in a grid while their position randomize depending on the mouse position. Change between circles or rectangles with 'C' & 'R'.
  • 04: Recursion rectangles. 'S' for outline only and 'F' for tasty fillings.
  • 05: "Stupid agents" crawling around the canvas and leaving a trace. Reset with 'R'.
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