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MBE now shows a parent directory when there are multiple buffers with…

… the same name. MBE will traverse up the directories and display the directory that is different for each buffer. Currently only works for all but one of the buffers with the same name.
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fholgado committed Dec 26, 2010
1 parent 08f219d commit 4be655de9b66515dcca5ac01a40b2130562e4ee6
Showing with 26 additions and 12 deletions.
  1. +26 −12 plugin/minibufexpl.vim
@@ -1136,16 +1136,22 @@ function! <SID>BuildBufferList(delBufNum, updateBufList, currBufName)
let l:dupeBufName = 0
let l:dupeBufDir1 = 0
let l:i2 = 0
"Establish initial parent directory position
let l:bufPathPosition = -2
let l:bufPathPrefix = ""
"While in current buffer from first loop, loop through all buffers
while(l:i2 <= l:NBuffers)
call <SID>DEBUG('Entering Dupe Checking Loop',10)
let l:i2 = l:i2 + 1
let l:BufName2 = bufname(l:i2)
"Get the full path of the current buffer in the loop and the
"new bufferin the loop
"current buffer in the new loop
let l:bufPath = expand(l:BufName)
let l:bufPath2 = expand(l:BufName2)
call <SID>DEBUG('BufName2 is '.l:BufName2.' and bufName is '.l:BufName,10)
let l:bufFileName = fnamemodify(l:BufName, ':t')
let l:bufFileName2 = fnamemodify(l:BufName2, ':t')
@@ -1163,16 +1169,29 @@ function! <SID>BuildBufferList(delBufNum, updateBufList, currBufName)
call <SID>DEBUG(l:bufFileNameFromPath.' vs '.l:bufFileNameFromPath2,10)
call <SID>DEBUG('BufName2 is '.l:BufName2.' and bufName is '.l:BufName,10)
"If there is a match for buffer names, increase a variable
"that we'll check later
function CheckRootDirForDupes(level)
if(l:bufSplitPath[a:level] == l:bufSplitPath2[a:level])
let l:dupeBufDir1 = l:dupeBufDir1 + 1
let l:bufPathPosition = l:bufPathPosition - 1
call CheckRootdirForDupes(l:bufPathPosition)
call <SID>DEBUG('Match in first level directory name and dupeBufDir1 is '.l:dupeBufDir1,1)
let l:bufPathPrefix = l:bufSplitPath[l:bufPathPosition].'/'
call <SID>DEBUG('Found non-matching root dir and it is '.l:bufPathPrefix,1)
if (l:bufFileName == l:bufFileName2)
let l:dupeBufName = l:dupeBufName + 1
call <SID>DEBUG('dupeBufName equals '.l:dupeBufName,10)
call <SID>DEBUG(l:bufSplitPath[-2].' vs '.l:bufSplitPath2[-2],10)
if(l:bufSplitPath[-2] == l:bufSplitPath2[-2])
let l:dupeBufDir1 = l:dupeBufDir1 + 1
call <SID>DEBUG('Match in first level directory name and dupeBufDir1 is '.l:dupeBufDir1,10)
"Now check to see if the parent directory matches
call CheckRootDirForDupes(l:bufPathPosition)
@@ -1187,12 +1206,7 @@ function! <SID>BuildBufferList(delBufNum, updateBufList, currBufName)
if (l:dupeBufName >= 2)
let l:bufPathSplit = split(l:BufName, '/')
let l:tab = '['.l:i.':'.l:bufPathSplit[-2].'/'.l:bufPathSplit[-1].']'
if (l:dupeBufDir1 >= 2)
let l:bufPathSplit = split(l:BufName, '/')
let l:tab = '['.l:i.':'.l:bufPathSplit[-3].'/'.l:bufPathSplit[-2].'/'.l:bufPathSplit[-1].']'
let l:tab = '['.l:i.':'.l:bufPathPrefix.l:bufPathSplit[-2].'/'.l:bufPathSplit[-1].']'
" If the buffer is open in a window mark it

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