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this is the master branch of openframeworks.
We are moving to autogenerated projects, the project files will be disappearing from the repository.
To generate them:
install lxml:
sudo apt-get install python-lxml
execute scripts/linux/
without parameters it will generate all the examples and addonsExamples
the new cbp files depend on Makefiles, if you want old style makefiles execute the script with -n
the script can also be used to generate new project passing the path as a parameter in the command line
build and run the _DeployExamples located at: apps/devApps/_DeployExamples/deployExamples.xcodeproj
is still to be automated but will also use the OS X _DeployExamples app
Windows Codeblocks:
install python from
install setup tools from
add python to you path:
start > right click on My PC > properties > Advanced > Environment Variables
edit the Path variable and at the end add:
open a console: start > Run... > cmd and execute
easy_install lxml
execute scripts/win_cb/