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Commits on Mar 26, 2012
  1. araker

    New test for animated particle system

    araker authored
    Fixed call to setAnimation, is now addAnimation
Commits on Feb 16, 2012
  1. araker

    Animated particle system addition

    araker authored
    The particle system takes a animation (uses new animation format from 2.0, with variable delay) and stores the relevant info internally. 
    Besides the animation a global anchorpoint for each particle can be set. 
    I've also added a few new properties to the particle plist format and added a version property as well. A startSize and endSize doesn't make sense for a animation, since the frames can have different sizes. Therefore startScale, startScaleVar, endScale, endScaleVar have been added.
    A limitation is that offset of a sprite frame isn't taken into account.
    -new test in particleTest.m
    -new test in particleBatchTest.m
    - setAnimation: in CCParticleSystemQuad.m
    - setAnimation:withAnchorPoint: in CCParticleSystemQuad.m
    -new plist format 
      - version (number)
      - startScale (number)
      - startScaleVar (number)
      - endScale (number)
      - endScaleVar (number)
    OneParticle.plist is a example of the new format
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