Docker image to build Flynt projects.
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Docker image to build Flynt projects.

This docker image is intended to be used on a CI or CD server. With it you can install all composer PHP packages, install npm and bower dependencies, and run the gulp build task.

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To find out how to work with docker and how to run a container from an image, please refer to the extensive docker documentation.

The following is one example how to build all vendor and theme files.

docker run --rm -e UID=`id -u $USER` -e GID=`id -g $USER` -v /path/to/your/source/folder:$APP_DIR -w $APP_DIR bleech/flynt-build:php7.0-node6 \
	bash -c "composer install \
    && cd web/app/themes/yourThemeFolder \
    && npm install -g gulp bower \
    && yarn \
    && bower --allow-root install \
    && yarn build \
    && chown -R \$UID:\$GID $APP_DIR"


To contribute, please use GitHub issues. Pull requests are accepted. Please also take a moment to read the Contributing Guidelines and Code of Conduct.

If editing the README, please conform to the standard-readme specification.


MIT © bleech