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Admin Component Preview (Flynt Feature)

Add layout screenshots of a component to its component folder to show a preview in the front end and WordPress back end.

Components can then be previewed in multiple scenarios:

Front end

When logged in, click the 'Component Preview' button on the WordPress admin bar to overlay a preview image (with reduced opacity). For easy pixel perfect development, drag the images around or move them with the arrow keys.

Back end

The preview image will be shown beside the component name in the flexible content group layout.

Rollover a component name inside the "Add Component" dropdown menu to see the desktop and mobile preview images.


Prepare a file size optimized preview-desktop.jpg and preview-mobile.jpg to put inside your component folder.

  • preview-desktop.jpg should be 1440x900 px.
  • preview-mobile.jpg should be 320x480 px.