A Yeoman generator to create Flynt Components & Features
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Flynt Yeoman Generator (generator-flynt)

standard-readme compliant

A Yeoman generator for Flynt

Table of Contents


The node version used should be ^6. If you use a node version manager (e.g. nave), use npm to install globally:

$ npm i -g @flyntwp/generator-flynt

Otherwise you can use yarn as well:

$ yarn global add @flyntwp/generator-flynt


Run yo @flyntwp/flynt to start the generator. You can select between Components and Features.


This project is maintained by bleech.

The main people in charge of the repo are:


To contribute, please use GitHub issues. Please also take a moment to read the Contributing Guidelines and Code of Conduct.

If you are a developer and would like to submit a pull request, do the following:

  1. Fork the project and clone it.
  2. Run npm install inside the cloned folder.
  3. Run npm link to link the local installation for development purposes. (Run npm unlink to undo this step.)
  4. In any folder run yo @flyntwp/flynt to run your local development version and test your changes.
  5. Send a pull request from your fork to the main repo's master branch.

If editing the README, please conform to the standard-readme specification.


MIT © bleech