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Board Files
Eagle Files

This folder holds the hardware related files

Hardware components list and sources:

Shared project on Mouser. Includes all the electronic components.

PCB fabricated by (affordable and quick turnaround circuit boards)

Box Enclosures B2-080BK

3ea push to connect fittings
Push-to-Connect Tube Fitting for Air, Straight Adapter, for 1/4" Tube OD x 10-32 Thread Male
McMaster 5779K246

2x barb fittings
Brass Low-Pressure Barbed Tube Fitting, Nickel-Plated, for 5/64" Tube ID x 10-32 Thread Male Pipe
McMaster 2844K12

1x barb manifold
Beswick Engineering
MCACS-1012-1132 (special order, call Beswick to order at 603-433-1188);PRODUCT,MCACS,FILTER_FITTINGS

1x SD card (some cards have a huge write latency, we tested this one and it works)
SanDisk Ultra 32GB microSDHC UHS-I card

1/16" ID hose (for static pressure sensor)
UV-Resistant Soft Versilon PVC Plastic Tubing for Air and Water, 1/16" ID, 1/8" OD, Opaque Black McMaster 5255k31

3/32" ID hose (for differential pressure sensors)
UV-Resistant Soft Versilon PVC Plastic Tubing for Air and Water, 3/32" ID, 5/32" OD, Opaque Black McMaster 5255k12

3x PEM nuts
PENN Engineering SO4-032-10

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