A JavaScript API for the Spriter SCML/SCON animation data format.
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There is a new version of this project written in TypeScript. https://github.com/flyover/spriter.ts


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A JavaScript API for the Spriter SCML/SCON animation data format.


Supported Features

  • Basic animations
  • Bone animations
  • All curve types (Instant, Linear, Quadratic, Cubic, Quartic, Quintic, Bezier)
  • Points
  • Collision Rectangles
  • SubEntities
  • Events
  • Sounds
  • Variables
  • Tags
  • Character maps
  • Animation Blending

How to use it

In the initialization:

var scon = JSON.parse(scon_text); // read and parse SCON file
var data = new spriter.Data().load(scon); // create and load Spriter data from SCON file
var pose = new spriter.Pose(data); // create Spriter pose and attach data
pose.setEntity("player"); // set entity by name
pose.setAnim("idle"); // set animation by name

In the animation loop:

var dt = 1000 / 60; // time step in milliseconds
pose.update(dt); // accumulate time
pose.strike(); // process time slice

Refer to the demo for how to blend animations, draw images, play sounds and respond to events, access tags and variables, etc.