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Sample Apps for FlytOS
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FlytOS abstracts drone's navigation, vehicle setup and high level functions to a companion computer in the form of FlytOS Drone APIs. FlytOS uses ROS at its core and exposes APIs for non ros users as well. FlytSamples are sample scripts/apps written using FlytOS Drone APIs in ROS, C++, Python, RESTful and WebSockets. To replicate these samples you need to install latest version of FlytOS for your companion computer. FlytOS supports several companion computers. For instructions on setting up FlytOS please refer the documentation.

CPP-Python-ROS Apps: These apps run onboard the companion computer (on the drone) running FlytOS. These are ROS nodes or scripts written in CPP/Python. This is preferred option for real-time processing e.g. obstacle avoidance, object tracking etc.

Mobile Apps: These are mobile apps built in native languages like Java for Android or using cross-platform frameworks like Cordova. These apps run on a ground device and communicate with the drone using RESTful and WebSocket APIs. Download Mobile Drone SDK to develop mobile applications for your drone.

Web Apps: These are web apps that can either be deployed onboard the companion computer (on the drone) running FlytOS or on a remote server. Web apps provide an easy way to interact with the drone. These apps use the RESTful and Websocket APIs. Download Web Drone SDK to develop web applications for your drone.

Sample Projects: These are sample projects built for specific use cases and employ a mix of above Drone APIs. They provide a good demonstration of how onboard and remote apps can be combined to build a complete drone application.

Cloud-Client: An example of API calls for testing/using FlytBase Cloud

Refer to FlytBase detailed documentation to start developing your own applications. Participate in Flytbase drone forums to discuss about your app or to raise any issues. Join our facebook group to get in touch with the FlytOS application developers community.

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