Flyve MDM Agent for Android
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MDM Agent for Android

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Flyve MDM is a Mobile device management software that enables you to secure and manage all the mobile devices of your business or family via a web-based console.

To get started, check out Flyve MDM Website!

Table of contents


The Android Agent will manage all your mobile devices effectively, including a range of powerful security features to protect sensitive company data stored on mobile devices, allowing you to manage your mobile fleet security policy with precision.

The Android Agent will help you to:

  • Configure and deploy your mobile fleet from the web-based administration console
  • Install and uninstall remote applications
  • Send files remotely to all terminals
  • Deploy and control Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Activate real-time geolocation of your terminals
  • Delete, partially or totally, your data in case of loss or theft
  • Create an inventory of all of your company terminals
  • Keep control and protect yourself from cyber-attacks:
    • Set the level of complexity of your passwords
    • Activate mobile device encryption
    • Lock the mobile device remotely
    • Control the authorisation for the use of the camera
    • Erase all data from the remote terminal (reset)

For more information visit our Official Website.

Build Status

LTS Bleeding Edge
Build Status Build Status

Compatibility Matrix

Flyve MDM projects

MDM Agent 0.99.x 1.0.0 2.0.0
GLPI 9.1 9.2 9.2
Flyve MDM plugin - 2.0.0 2.0.0
Web MDM Dashboard - 2.0.0 2.0.0

MDM Agent & Android

API Android Support SSL
16 Android 4.1 X -
17 Android 4.2 X -
18 Android 4.3 X -
19 Android 4.4 X -
20 Android 4.4 X -
21 Android 5.0 X X
22 Android 5.1 X X
23 Android 6.0 X X
24 Android 7.0 X X
25 Android 7.1.1 X X
26 Android 8.0 - -


Get it on Google Play Get it on F-Droid Download APK from GitHub

As System App

Follow the steps in this article to learn How to Install as System App.

Beta Testing App


We maintain a detailed documentation of the project on the website, check the How-tos and Development section.


In order to provide transparency on our release cycle and to maintain backward compatibility, Flyve MDM is maintained under the Semantic Versioning guidelines. We are committed to following and complying with the rules, the best we can.

See the tags section of our GitHub project for changelogs for each release version of Flyve MDM. Release announcement posts on the official Teclib' blog contain summaries of the most noteworthy changes made in each release.


For notices about major changes and general discussion of Flyve MDM development, subscribe to the /r/FlyveMDM subreddit. You can also chat with us via IRC in #flyve-mdm on freenode or @flyvemdm on Telegram. Ping me @rafaelje if you get stuck.

Professional Services

The Flyve MDM and GLPI Network services are available through our Partner's Network. We provide special training, bug fixes with editor subscription, contributions for new features, and more.

Obtain a personalized service experience, associated with benefits and opportunities.


Want to file a bug, contribute some code, or improve documentation? Excellent! Read up on our guidelines for contributing and then check out one of our issues in the Issues Dashboard.


  • Name: Flyve MDM is a registered trademark of Teclib'.
  • Code: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPLv3).
  • Documentation: released under Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).