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Draft release note v2.0 #899

ajsb85 opened this issue Aug 12, 2019 · 0 comments

Draft release note v2.0 #899

ajsb85 opened this issue Aug 12, 2019 · 0 comments


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@ajsb85 ajsb85 commented Aug 12, 2019

Hi, @PolinaMarishicheva

Could you help us reviewing this draft?

This is the information published in the ChangeLog and the release information in this site:

You can use these description to write a blog post and/or newsletter about the release.

We can normalize terminology, ordering, rank, features and bug-fixing...

2.0.0 (2018-12-21)

Bug Fixes

  • code style, drop compatibility with PHP 5.5 and official GLPI 9.1.x (9c7c826)
  • agent: add missing input when enrol an agent (88f9440)
  • agent: better display of online status in history (3623120)
  • agent: compatibility workaround for GLPI 9.3.0 (d627bb2)
  • agent: description for mdm types (dce5dcd)
  • agent: find FI agent by name on enrolment (727a8ae)
  • agent: fix paging (d57df04)
  • agent: fix typo in tests (39d1200)
  • agent: fixed agent account name on enrollment process. (dc48776)
  • agent: fixed XML inventory request, it must be on base64 (31018f9)
  • agent: getting an agent by topic failed (d3e0e12)
  • agent: machine account creation (1f8e11f)
  • agent: non conform definition of booleans (ce5947f)
  • agent: redirect output from FI messages on enrollment (67e5aa4)
  • agent: removed action of delete computer on deletion (cd01ad2)
  • agent: removed base64 encoding for XML inventory (89bc793)
  • agent: reset device enroll status on delete (issue #32) (dd908fd)
  • agent: save system permission bit (afb4938)
  • agent: some mqtt topics not cleaned up (73dbc94), closes #285
  • agent: sql error (7692c46), closes #710
  • agent: type of is_online is specific (b44b5fa)
  • agent: update checks for XML format on enrollment (6e95d99)
  • agent: update search options (9096104), closes #179
  • agent: update search options (d0da4b3), closes #179
  • agent: update the android app package id (b7b0fa1)
  • agent: updated code for not register invalid user agents (0ff79c1)
  • agent: updated code for reload FI plugin (8f6b5d9)
  • agent: wrong input variables assignment (da36c3d)
  • agent: wrong user profile in enrollment (a7f87a7)
  • agent: xml of inventory is now decoded (a73a1ed)
  • api: file upload with GLPI 9.2 (48b097a)
  • api: restrict file and package download to the API only (b2b5bec)
  • composer: errors in composer (89e125a)
  • config: field to upload CA certificate file (ed74f00)
  • config: fix errors in wizard (#263) (5399fde), closes #262
  • deployapp: disable mqtt notifications on not parsed apps (4ebafa8)
  • deployfile: allow different files at same destination (fixes #231) (8b4c907)
  • documentation: fix headers in php source files (1e7321a)
  • documentation: update table names for mosquitto auth plugin (f21dd46)
  • enrollment: ACL reset on mqtt user creation (ed48eaa)
  • enrollment: ensure invitation token is unique (1afea60)
  • enrollment: fix computer type affectation in enrollment process (3306264)
  • enrollment: fix deprecated methods call (12305d8)
  • enrollment: invitation emails attachment missing (8dda7b3)
  • enrollment: re-add base64_encode (3f271ea)
  • enrollment: remove debug code (a64b08f)
  • enrollment: serial no longer mandatory if uuid provided (84be2ea)
  • entityconfig: show inherited value (c68488a)
  • file: fix upload from UI (bcae847)
  • file: tab definitin missing (22c793b)
  • fleet: allow recursion change for non default fleets (da20c60)
  • fleet: fix ability to delete a maanged fleet (ff6111b)
  • fleet: hide policies tab for not managed fleets (250cbeb), closes #195
  • fleet: update search option for itemtypes relations (70ecb2d)
  • geolocation: change datetime format in request (30f2c37)
  • geolocation: change datetime format in request (4e8affc)
  • geolocation: shift received datetime to server's timezone (d4ffed9)
  • graph: do not display graph without data (bee0099), closes #203
  • graph: enhance dashboard os version graph (dd85821)
  • graph: fix labels repeated (ba17091)
  • install: allow super-admin to update invitation (issue #84) (1f05a7a)
  • install: avoid some warnings (3431ca6)
  • install: backward comaptibility of prerequisite checks (11e67b1), closes #145
  • install: bad filename for upgrades (0c0d26f)
  • install: cleanup CLI installer (8a52663)
  • install: compatibility with GLPI 9.2 (14cb3ee)
  • install: db schema update (c8c332b)
  • install: drop useless and misnamed key (61eb086)
  • install: fix addKey call (1cfb807)
  • install: fix tables detection for isntall / upgrade branching (81bf6a2)
  • install: fix update of policy properties (f5d0251)
  • install: fix warning with PHP 7.2 (25fa7be)
  • install: fleet in the root entity should not be recursive (3fcd5dd)
  • install: inconsistencies in upgrade code (c97f387)
  • install: incorrect index (2299a1e)
  • install: refactor upgrade (17bcf8d)
  • install: script did not notify agents on plugin update (389ef99)
  • install: time limit when upgrading from glpi (081a8cd)
  • install: update call of method for migration on dev (aa9c6c5)
  • install: update migration code for dev (30e1916)
  • install: update migration code for dev (633a959)
  • install: upgrade does not finish (fa2102d)
  • install: wrong filename for upgrade script (870c8c0)
  • installer: library class not loaded on plugin upgrade (8628356)
  • intall: some strings shall not be translated (221fc9e)
  • inventory: invited devices are always created in root entity (df2ba3f)
  • invitation: better column name and allow view if invitations (c12b5b0)
  • invitation: change QR image size to avoid auto resizing (40e6032)
  • invitation: change the workflow for invitation (e7d1cf6)
  • invitation: enhnance again UI (83daba9)
  • invitation: HTML version of template is missing an anchor (1a473b1)
  • invitation: incomplete URL in qr code (7a9e9f9)
  • invitation: qr code in email was missing (5ed25e3)
  • invitation: wrong invitation token string (053eee0)
  • locale: add missing plural translations (672ef90)
  • log: datetime of log entries (356da0b)
  • menu: fix tab number (7d7dc0f)
  • mqtlog: compatibility with glpi 9.2 (aeea7f0)
  • mqtt: configuration check when sending a message (4f8fb15)
  • mqtt: connection to backend (10d67d2)
  • mqtt: connection to backend (98555da)
  • mqtt: follow best practices (e8f1f1a), closes #313
  • mqtt: repalce empty by isset (8333fab)
  • mqtt: use good config vars to connect to broker (fddb81b)
  • mqtthandler: fix manifest malfunction (6afc6bb)
  • mqtthandler: follow the new spec for task status (a2bd768)
  • mqtthandler: handling inventory (4ab9696)
  • mqtthandler: message format mismatch with mdm agent (9b47fdc)
  • mqttlog: logs may show the latest date but an old value for a topic (ad9bdf8)
  • notification: quite problem in generated emails (38ea64c)
  • orion: change name of Orion itemtype (1a7a7fb)
  • package: fix wrong package upload path (1c51170)
  • package: improve UX by allowing to send package name (1e7e553), closes #232
  • package: remove file size from package database (afaf198)
  • package: remove unused method getMaxFileSize (6cf1214)
  • package: scan requests when the apk does not change (0b5eff3)
  • package: take into account update result when parsing an app (6ac7973)
  • package: update filesize info on form (33d630a)
  • package: update for transparent icon file (0fd3ffd)
  • package: warnings when running manually parsePackage (702adc6)
  • package: wrong dl_filename when updating a package (19a18e0)
  • package: wrong download filename (012daa8)
  • policies: fixed inherit method which shows HTML input (b89c662)
  • policies: update code for deploy and remove applications (566c7a4)
  • policies: update system policies values (15a9847)
  • policy: a policy has a wrong category (ae212e5)
  • policy: add missing search options (d4fa44d)
  • policy: bad user interface for app deployment (14c333a)
  • policy: dropdown shall not show empty categories (c1a984c)
  • policy: ensure path to file ends with a slash when creating a file removal policy (b6018dd)
  • policy: explode into several policies the USB protocols policy (5707f71)
  • policy: fix not camelCase policies (687d7eb), closes #298
  • policy: harmonize policies (3c577ed)
  • policy: message not sent on cascaded creation of task (1f81faf)
  • policy: move and reverse unknown sources policy (da13007)
  • policy: remove a half-duplicate (1174b99)
  • policy: reorder cascaded task creation (868b26d)
  • policy: return twig output instead of direct echo (ab77a9e)
  • policy: set minimum value for time interval (2af5ffd)
  • policy: typo in symbol name of a policy (5f99717)
  • policy: update default value for audo profile mode (df8d86e)
  • profile: add permission to read task statuses for agents (57bb7c1)
  • redme: typo in copying section (1ad9846)
  • robo: fix archive build (73700a5)
  • robo: update for robo script (69203ec)
  • search: update search options fields for Flyvemdm ItemTypes (93e94c7)
  • setup: GLPI min version for GLPI < 9.2 and unlock maximum version for dev versions of Flyve MDM (ac74bc1)
  • setup: move GLPI cofiguration check to psot plugin isntallation (fc78c85), closes #333
  • task: bad call to a method (3aba4b9)
  • task: bad URL computation (a1b9950)
  • task: fix invalid column name reference (e9063e1)
  • task: non unique tasks overwrite each other (5a989aa), closes #302
  • task: policies dropdown on GLPI UI (bc8f6dc)
  • task: remove unused method (7734651)
  • task: search options (453d852)
  • task: show the current value when editing a task (2b59152)
  • taskStatus: task status feedback handling (02c5128)
  • test: drop obsolete phpunit xml file (5f26a9a)
  • test: follow update of testing framework (e954b20)
  • tests: check for attachment in invitation email (6c1bad5)
  • tests: cleanup (a69a493)
  • tests: debug travis and composer (0984273)
  • add search option on entityconfig itemtype (9fbe0fc)
  • tests: disable Github api for the test package (0bd6534)
  • tests: disable mcrypt for unit tests in RandomLib (4a5ce3f)
  • tests: harmonize and enhance travis (20a800c)
  • tests: remove obsolete phpunit tests (fc5970a)
  • tests: removed mcrypt requirement trick for CI (1b2bc4f)
  • tests: rename files due to project rename (8a71fed)
  • tests: restore disabled tests (47395ce)
  • tpl: show human readable file sizes (988255b)
  • ui: add css for GLPI's UI (394e417)
  • ui: add JS library for geolocation in GLPI (cc1b828)
  • ui: back compatibility with GLPI 9.1.2 backport (b80942f)
  • ui: breadcrumb (1c27560)
  • ui: compatibility with GLPI 9.1.x when counting agents in a fleet (5df5739)
  • ui: CSS fix for menu (162ec6a)
  • ui: empty area if a graph has nothing to render (c2c98fa)
  • ui: fix charts in plugin's dashboard (4f843c6)
  • ui: geolocation map was broken (cd5a16d)
  • ui: go back to Twig 1.x to remain comaptible with PHP 5.2+ (6f6f70a)
  • ui: stronger checks to access the UI (2516970)
  • update: add missing fields (8fd9ea5)
  • update: fix install script for a DB schema update (05e462e)
  • update: fix loop for remove invalid android policies (2840a7b)
  • upgrade: malformed MQTT messages when chagning topic layout (29fb120)
  • upgrade: use of migration tool (34ad02b)
  • add error message (9969239)
  • deprecated call (561275b)
  • graphs (46f603f)
  • header (288aad7)
  • HTTP 500 error if vendor directory missing (4ba0dfc)
  • publish version in JSON object (8ce817d)
  • re-add composer.lock (7166d6e)
  • remove invitation text on locales and update qr code size (ef0ad54)
  • user account: remove agent create right to admins (b3cfdd4)
  • wizard: fix inconsistencies (89a366d), closes #334
  • wizard: improve text of the wizard (1f78037)
  • wizard: remove localization for strings which should not localized (95045c3)
  • wizard: tell the db name should be customized (07b1dd0)
  • wizard: typo (d966a17)
  • restrict operator for boolean search options (a184cc4)
  • still an instance of an old class (facd95e)
  • typo (2a92e14)
  • update plugin.xml (de5ca13)
  • update search options (a0c18e4)
  • User hasn't to be deleted when no computers left (2ef3ffb)
  • warning when reading an agent (adac3a7), closes #23


  • add plugin.xml for GLPi plugin repository (31568b8)
  • drop compatibility with GLPI 9.1 and become comaptible with GLPI 9.2 (53c9526)
  • agent: added better responsive UI for OpenStreetMap (c25fe1b)
  • agent: cancel tasks when an agent leaves a fleet (4b6f99a)
  • agent: collect inventory data for debug (98a2e95)
  • agent: collect system permission for android (a9bb90e)
  • agent: display prefs, and online status (5b2c6f4)
  • agent: give a pasword to the agent user account (d398594)
  • agent: make computers dynamic in enrollment (df202c9)
  • agent: notification token to enrollment (6d516b4)
  • agent: revert give a pasword to the agent user account" (22d26c7)
  • agent: send informative notification for manual actions (021245e)
  • agent: show online status in form (38f3840)
  • agent: updated code to import computer inventory with F.I. (098b992)
  • agent: updated UI for agent geolocation. (c27454d)
  • agent: validate inventory XML (cd97415)
  • agent,fleet: agents and fleets are searchable by a applied policy criteria (0ebb39a)
  • api: do not silently fail to update entity config (890ab63), closes #426
  • broker: add generic broker bus, transporter and handler (10143b5)
  • broker: add mqtt broker messenger (75bd56e)
  • debug: add dev option to install (59d7a92)
  • debug: add text area for MDM Agent url (0f5950f)
  • debug: allow inheritance value for url (595037e)
  • debug: change display (e3807da)
  • demo: remove demo features (1160b07)
  • documentation: add step to check TLS configuration of Mosquito (dd85286)
  • documentation: enhance add contributing documentation (23d541a)
  • enrollment: add deeplink in the email to enroll from device and (c3046ae)
  • enrollment: add support information in invitation email and (b19864a)
  • enrollment: check the version of the agent at enrollment time (8bceef3)
  • enrollment: crate user account for agent (62ce681)
  • enrollment: reduce size of deeplink and QR code (faacfde)
  • enrollment: use a HTTP deeplink (4cb8eeb)
  • enrolment,inventory: get uuid at enrollment to help inventory (4d52514)
  • file: add comment field (3ffc4c4)
  • file: add size and type info of files on API response (88cde20)
  • filesize: change conversion for file sizes (02718ba)
  • fleet: added the option to edit created policies (0ac70e3)
  • fleet: show whether a fleet is managed or not (d3d94ff)
  • install: change the index assign in set variables (8bf4a41)
  • install: more configuration options for MQTT (2896483)
  • install: template for installation wizard (4f71481), closes #154
  • install: update CLI installer (d908db2)
  • installer: ehnance upgrade process (02b5646)
  • installer: updated code for reset twig cache (Issue #225) (c8b4cfb)
  • invitation: deeplink is customizable (74b1ca7)
  • invitation: show some more info (b703486)
  • invitation: update QR code size for easy scanning (49f3aae)
  • locale: add Spanish Argentina file (7c28811)
  • locale: update compiled locales (1817d12)
  • locale: update Czech(Czech Republic) file (e5f4e4b)
  • locale: update French(France) file (cf5104b)
  • locale: update spanish language translation (a341411)
  • locale: update Spanish MX and ES files (5373085)
  • locales: enhance locales, add transifex and update tools (35c3f30)
  • menu: add menu to main itemtype displays (fe5666c), closes #362
  • message: remove queing of mqtt messages and grouping (a167169)
  • mosquitto: set host mqtt environment (3e65d3b)
  • mqtt: debug mode for daemon (670bb6f)
  • mqtt: script to rebuild persisted messages in the broker (16d6946)
  • package: add display preferences (4290a52)
  • package: add size and type info of package on API response (b5c5355)
  • package: analysis of packages with Orion webservice (fbf2054)
  • package: defer apk / upk parsing (#127) (c9e9ed6)
  • package: use Orion server if possible (591a17e)
  • policies: allow apps installation from unknown sources (912af72)
  • policy: add (basic) periodic geolocation (b6e591c)
  • policy: add MDM policies for migration across backends (3aeb4c4)
  • policy: add min and max version per OS (5006bce)
  • policy: add new incompatible status (7d9c8db)
  • policy: add policy for airplane mode (263d036), closes #183
  • policy: agents can fedback policy application progress (a993a21)
  • policy: allow update of remove_on_delete flag (64d30ea)
  • policy: disable all sounds on device (3e84206)
  • policy: mark policies as system (cd046df)
  • policy: mark system permission requirement for android (c35fe3d)
  • policy: new policies (33d24fc), closes #208 #209 #210 #167
  • policy: new policies (02b53ea)
  • policy: new policy for inventory frequency (72b3a54), closes #290
  • policy: protect policies test with a policy (f16ba3e)
  • policy: remove not ready policy (7e202de)
  • policy: remove protect policies test with a policy (7e6c85d)
  • policy: show policy restrictions for android (bbb9e09)
  • policy: update code for remove applications (d3eec7d)
  • setup: add new constant for agent beta url (4991b7f)
  • task: apply policies on agents (4036d42)
  • task: enhance dropdown when applying policies (50bd241)
  • taskstatus: limit values for task status (0c7ae14)
  • taskstatus: show task statuses for agents and fleets (2dc62d3)
  • test: add login and logout method (8fd7b0f)
  • test: add tests to taskstatus (6c1ffcb)
  • tests: BC in phpunit, use namespaces (b57ac54)
  • ui: add missing features in regular GLPI UI (8aebe25)
  • ui: added Flyvemdm Agent tab on Computer details (7c8489b)
  • ui: added info block for Flyve MDM in main computer tab (987e068)
  • ui: create invitations without mass action; enhance menu (8ce8d74)
  • ui: improve count of items in tabs (#52) (ba9bbd0)
  • ui: move the Flyve MDM menu to the administration menu (57d390d)
  • ui: removed agent tab in favor of block info into computer UI (614042f)
  • ui: show last ping date (14c73c7)
  • ui: smarter password textbox (6c19f0d)
  • add fcm broker configuration (09d4cd4)
  • add twig filter for format file sizes (e9efe9b)
  • compatibiliy with GLPI 9.4 (2211039)
  • handle response from devices by HTTP (f4577b9)
  • maintain online status of devices (84be562)
  • retain type of mdm for agents (0036cb5)
  • ui: updated code for tab info (1d4bb2d)
  • show development revision in debug settings (b9a330b)
  • unlock devices (cb3e218), closes #67
  • use GLPI's requirements check mechanism (4d9bd0c)
  • ui: use font awesome instead of pics (570eb64)
  • ui: user interface for regular use with GLPI (01f9639)
  • ui,api: enhance entity configuration user interface and API (c4b02a3)
  • wizard: enhance the wizard (2c4ea38)

Performance Improvements

  • avoid getting files size twice (172bc78)
@ajsb85 ajsb85 added this to the 2.1 milestone Aug 12, 2019
@ajsb85 ajsb85 added this to To Do in Website via automation Aug 12, 2019
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