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Releases: flyve-mdm/glpi-plugin


21 Dec 21:11
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2.0.0 (2018-12-21)

Release note waiting review:

Bug Fixes

  • code style, drop compatibility with PHP 5.5 and official GLPI 9.1.x (9c7c826)
  • agent: add missing input when enrol an agent (88f9440)
  • agent: better display of online status in history (3623120)
  • agent: compatibility workaround for GLPI 9.3.0 (d627bb2)
  • agent: description for mdm types (dce5dcd)
  • agent: find FI agent by name on enrolment (727a8ae)
  • agent: fix paging (d57df04)
  • agent: fix typo in tests (39d1200)
  • agent: fixed agent account name on enrollment process. (dc48776)
  • agent: fixed XML inventory request, it must be on base64 (31018f9)
  • agent: getting an agent by topic failed (d3e0e12)
  • agent: machine account creation (1f8e11f)
  • agent: non conform definition of booleans (ce5947f)
  • agent: redirect output from FI messages on enrollment (67e5aa4)
  • agent: removed action of delete computer on deletion (cd01ad2)
  • agent: removed base64 encoding for XML inventory (89bc793)
  • agent: reset device enroll status on delete (issue #32) (dd908fd)
  • agent: save system permission bit (afb4938)
  • agent: some mqtt topics not cleaned up (73dbc94), closes #285
  • agent: sql error (7692c46), closes #710
  • agent: type of is_online is specific (b44b5fa)
  • agent: update checks for XML format on enrollment (6e95d99)
  • agent: update search options (9096104), closes #179
  • agent: update search options (d0da4b3), closes #179
  • agent: update the android app package id (b7b0fa1)
  • agent: updated code for not register invalid user agents (0ff79c1)
  • agent: updated code for reload FI plugin (8f6b5d9)
  • agent: wrong input variables assignment (da36c3d)
  • agent: wrong user profile in enrollment (a7f87a7)
  • agent: xml of inventory is now decoded (a73a1ed)
  • api: file upload with GLPI 9.2 (48b097a)
  • api: restrict file and package download to the API only (b2b5bec)
  • composer: errors in composer (89e125a)
  • config: field to upload CA certificate file (ed74f00)
  • config: fix errors in wizard (#263) (5399fde), closes #262
  • deployapp: disable mqtt notifications on not parsed apps (4ebafa8)
  • deployfile: allow different files at same destination (fixes #231) (8b4c907)
  • documentation: fix headers in php source files (1e7321a)
  • documentation: update table names for mosquitto auth plugin (f21dd46)
  • enrollment: ACL reset on mqtt user creation (ed48eaa)
  • enrollment: ensure invitation token is unique (1afea60)
  • enrollment: fix computer type affectation in enrollment process (3306264)
  • enrollment: fix deprecated methods call (12305d8)
  • enrollment: invitation emails attachment missing (8dda7b3)
  • enrollment: re-add base64_encode (3f271ea)
  • enrollment: remove debug code (a64b08f)
  • enrollment: serial no longer mandatory if uuid provided (84be2ea)
  • entityconfig: show inherited value (c68488a)
  • file: fix upload from UI (bcae847)
  • file: tab definitin missing (22c793b)
  • fleet: allow recursion change for non default fleets (da20c60)
  • fleet: fix ability to delete a maanged fleet (ff6111b)
  • fleet: hide policies tab for not managed fleets (250cbeb), closes #195
  • fleet: update search option for itemtypes relations (70ecb2d)
  • geolocation: change datetime format in request (30f2c37)
  • geolocation: change datetime format in request (4e8affc)
  • geolocation: shift received datetime to server's timezone (d4ffed9)
  • graph: do not display graph without data (bee0099), closes #203
  • graph: enhance dashboard os version graph (dd85821)
  • graph: fix labels repeated (ba17091)
  • install: allow super-admin to update invitation (issue #84) (1f05a7a)
  • install: avoid some warnings (3431ca6)
  • install: backward comaptibility of prerequisite checks (11e67b1), closes #145
  • install: bad filename for upgrades (0c0d26f)
  • install: cleanup CLI installer (8a52663)
  • install: compatibility with GLPI 9.2 (14cb3ee)
  • install: db schema update (c8c332b)
  • install: drop useless and misnamed key (61eb086)
  • install: fix addKey call (1cfb807)
  • install: fix tables detection for isntall / upgrade branching (81bf6a2)
  • install: fix update of policy properties (f5d0251)
  • install: fix warning with PHP 7.2 (25fa7be)
  • install: fleet in the root entity should not be recursive (3fcd5dd)
  • install: inconsistencies in upgrade code (c97f387)
  • install: incorrect index (2299a1e)
  • install: refactor upgrade (17bcf8d)
  • install: script did not notify agents on plugin update ([389ef99](https://...


12 Aug 16:01
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Bug fixings


25 Jan 10:40
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Bug Fixes

  • fix save of firstname and lastname from devices upon enrollment (2e6e824)
  • update URL of the agent for Android (ecae936)
  • api: fix error message (c721a07)
  • api: geolocation always rejected (4c70781)
  • documentation: add installation instructions (a288e1b), closes #4
  • documentation: enhance installation documentation (ad9dd6d)
  • documentation: github template for issues (d9ad78f)
  • enrollment: use login isntead of email to find a user (617425f)
  • install: add check for gd extension for PHP (64a2682), closes #9
  • install: prevent warning (13a5283)
  • policy: fix error 500 when parsing a bad UPK file (c71d434)
  • user account: use constant for default agent application download URL (c746a9f)


  • add demo mode (949f7c2)
  • api: expose configuration settings (e9cd70d)
  • ci: add webhooks (8c04079)
  • device communication: log inventory errors (9fc734f)
  • enhancement: cleanup invitations when purging a user (63570ad)
  • enrollment: bug collector settings (4ec7a62)
  • enrollment: handle version of agent sent in enrollment process (f8be502)
  • initial release: v1.0.0 (f85b9d4)
  • policy: log filesystem permission issues when saving a file or an app (b491bcc)
  • policy: prevent conflicting policies to be applied at the same time (b9a881a)
  • policy: queue mqtt mssage instead of sending it immediately (8508b85)