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CiviCRM Drupal 7 Date Calendar Fixes

This will be a working repo for patches that will solve the Drupal 7 Date/Calendar and CiviCRM 4.1X integration issues once and for all.

Once we have some solid and tested patches ready, we will close this repo and submit them to the CiviCRM Jira issue tracker for the appropriate issues.

The use of github is meant to facilitate collaboration and information sharing.

Getting Started:

We are using:

  • CiviCRM 4.12
  • Drupal 7.14
  • Views 7.x-3.3
  • Date 7.x-2.5
  • Calendar 7.x-3.3
  • Fullcalendar 7.x-2.0-beta3 (would be nice :) )

Previous Work/Discussion:

Peeps incl. #civicrm (freenode) irc handles

Jim Taylor (jalama) has worked extensively on this before Frank Gomez (pittstains) has been working on views-related issues as well

There are a few more crucial bugs/patches to look at out there that I will keep looking for.


Create a sustainable solution for the CiviCRM community to be able to use CiviEevent with views/date/calendar and fullcalendar if possible for the rest of the CiviCRM 4.1x version.

These patches will be to CiviCRM core.

We will avoid bothering maintainers of the related Drupal modules unless absolutely necessary, as CiviCRM projects should be self sustaining.

We should also test patches against all dev versions to ensure future compatibility, and as well watch closely as the Date, Calendar and if possible Fullcalendar modules change.

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