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This list is maintained by: Wenhan Yang [STRUCT] PKU (PI: Prof. Jiaying Liu)

Video SR

  • Learned Temporal Dynamics [PDF]
    • Robust Video Super-Resolution with Learned Temporal Dynamics (ICCV2017), Ding Liu et al.
    • Real-Time Video Super-Resolution with Spatio-Temporal Networks and Motion Compensation (Arxiv2016), Jose Caballero et al.
  • Infimal Convolution [PDF]
    • Multiframe Motion Coupling via Infimal Convolution Regularization for Video Super Resolution (Arxiv2016), Hendrik Dirks et al.
  • Detail-Revealing [PDF]
    • Detail-Revealing Deep Video Super-resolution (Arxiv2017), Xin Tao et al.
  • Motion Blur [PDF][Webiste][Code]
    • Handling Motion Blur in Multi-Frame Super-Resolution (CVPR2015), Ma Ziyang et al.
  • Draft-Ensemble [PDF][Webiste][Code]
    • Video Super-Resolution via Deep Draft-Ensemble Learning (ICCV2015), Renjie Liao et al.
  • Pure CNN [PDF][PDF download][Webiste][Code]
    • Video Super-Resolution with Convolutional Neural Networks (TCI2016), Armin Kappeler et al.
  • BRCN [PDF][Webiste][Code]
    • Bidirectional Recurrent Convolutional Networks for Multi-Frame Super-Resolution (NIPS2016), Yan Huang et al.
  • Bayesian [PDF][Webiste]
    • A Bayesian Approach to Adaptive Video Super Resolution (CVPR2011), Ce Liu et al.
  • Video Enhancer [Webiste]
  • Nuclear-norm Model [PDF]
    • A Nuclear-norm Model for Multi-Frame Super-Resolution Reconstruction from Video Clips (Arxiv 2017), Rui Zhao and Raymond H. Chan et al.
  • Improved Robustness [PDF]
    • A New Adaptive Video SRR Algorithm With Improved Robustness to Innovations (Arxiv 2017), Ricardo Augusto Borsoi, Guilherme Holsbach Costa, Jose Carlos Moreira Bermudez.
  • Scalable Video SR [PDF]
    • A Framework for Super-Resolution of Scalable Video via Sparse Reconstruction of Residual Frames (Arxiv 2017), Mohammad Hossein Moghaddam, Mohammad Javad Azizipour, Saeed Vahidian, Besma Smida.
  • End-to-End Learning [PDF]
    • End-to-End Learning of Video Super-Resolution with Motion Compensation (GCPR2017), Osama Makansi, Eddy Ilg, and Thomas Brox.
  • Frame-Recurrent [PDF]
    • Frame-Recurrent Video Super-Resolution (CVPR2018), Mehdi S. M. Sajjadi, Raviteja Vemulapalli, Matthew Brown.
  • Dynamic Upsampling Filters [PDF]
    • Deep Video Super-Resolution Network Using Dynamic Upsampling Filters Without Explicit Motion Compensation (CVPR2018), Younghyun Jo, Seoung Wug Oh, Jaeyeon Kang, Seon Joo Kim.
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