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Creation of an approximate kNN graph for diffusion application
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The proposed method allows to create an approximate kNN graph in C++ for the diffusion application. Then the retrieval is tested and the performance are the same or better than the ones obtained on the brute-force graph, but in less time (due to the reduction in the approximate kNN graph creation).


The original dataset files are converted in binary through the application of a simple C++ script:

After downloading the dat files you need to create a folder called dataset and then put in the uncompressed version. Remember to modify the path in the C++ files.


  • Requirements:
    • G++ 5.4 or greater
    • openmp
    • cblas
  • Build: g++ -o LSH_sparse LSH_sparse.cpp -lstdc++fs -std=c++14 -fopenmp -O2 -lcblas


LSH kNN (δ = 6, L = 20, th = 5000, using global descriptors): ./LSH_sparse 6 20 oxford5k false 5000 0 ResNet50

multi LSH kNN graph (δ = 6, L = 20, th = 5000, 80% of multi-probe LSH, using global descriptors): ./LSH_sparse 6 20 oxford5k false 5000 80 ResNet50

For the diffusion application the python script implemented in the alzaman/paiss github is used.



Configuration LSH projection kNN graph creation mAP
LSH kNN graph (δ = 6, L = 20) 0.45 s 0.52 s 90.97%
LSH kNN graph (δ = 8, L = 10) 0.4 s 0.94 s 88.98%
multi LSH kNN graph (δ = 6, L = 2) 0.29 s 1.54 s 91.13%
NN-descent (1) - 55 s 83.81%
RP-div (2) - 1.16 s 82.68%
brute-force - 1.33 s 90.79%


Configuration LSH projection kNN graph creation mAP
LSH kNN graph (δ = 6, L = 20) 23 s 77 s 92.50%
LSH kNN graph (δ = 8, L = 10) 15 s 145 s 90.79%
multi LSH kNN graph (δ = 6, L = 4) 5s 420 s 92.85%
brute-force - 4733 s 91.45%


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