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A very simple RSS Feed reader that works from the CLI.
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This is a very simple project, based upon the excellent feedparser library ( ). It allows a user to download an RSS or atom feed and show it on the terminal.

Feedreader adapts its output to the number of columns and rows that your terminal is actually capable of displaying. When it has used all the space available on the screen, it pauses and wait until the user press the ENTER key to continue, or q to quit.

System requirements

In order to use this app, you'll need to have a copy of Python 3.5 or above installed on your computer.

How to install this app

Install feedreader with the following command: python install

Example of usage

$ feedreader -l 3

 1. Elon Musk Abuses Tesla Autopilot on *60 Minutes*
    By ignoring his company's instructions, Musk
    risked making the public even more confused about
    how to safely use the semi-autonomous system.

 2. 5 Questions Congress Should Ask Google's Sundar
    Google's CEO will testify before the House
    Judiciary Committee in a hearing focused on
    transparency and search practices.

 3. Earth's Depths Are Teeming With Otherworldly
    Scientists have discovered a vast subterranean
    ecosystem of microbial life deep underground,
    stretching our sense of life's limits.
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