An unofficial Yr Weather Forecast module for MagicMirror².
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MagicMirror² Module: YrThen

This is an unofficial Yr Weather Forecast module for MagicMirror², which displays data from Yr.

It is heavily based on MMM-YrNow, from Yr itself. Yr is a weather service from the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation and the Norwegian Meteorological Institute.

This is work in progress, but as it stands right now it's working and covering my needs.

How to install

Remote into your Magic Mirror box using a terminal software and go to the modules folder:

cd ~/MagicMirror/modules

Clone the repository:

git clone

Add the module to the modules array in the config/config.js file by adding the following section. You can change this configuration later when you see this works:

	module: 'MMM-YrThen',
	position: 'top_right',
	config: {
		location: '1-2820936',

Find your location using the search form at this page and look for the ID in the URL.

Configuration options

Option Comment Default
location The unique Id found in the Url of any location on Default location is Skrubblivegen in Steinkjer, Norway. 1-2296935
updateInterval How often to get new data. Defaults to 1 hour, as the weather forecast doesn't really change too often. 3600000
initialLoadDelay Dunno why, but thought it was a good idea to give it some rest before we start. Defaults to 1 sec. 1000
showAll Show all four periods of each day or not. true
showPrecipitation If showAll is true, show precipitation as well? true
showMaxMin If showAll is true, show maximum and minimum temperature? false
details If showAll is false, show detailed weather forecast? If false, it only shows the forecast around midday (12.00). If true, it shows detailed forecast numDetails times. true
numDetails How many detailed forecasts to show. Default is next two periods. Only applies if showAll is false and details is true. 2
detailedPrec Show detailed precipitation? true
roundTemp Round temperature to zero decimals. true
roundPrec Round precipitation to zero decimals. false
title Title for the module, if shown. Værmelding for Skrubblivegen
header Show header or not. Contents of header is title. false